CloudMigrator and Virtru partnership offers the way to move data to the cloud

CloudM has announced a partnership between its CloudMigrator product, and Virtru. CloudMigrator + Virtru will deliver a migration solution for businesses that demand regulatory compliance and protection of confidential information.

CloudMigrator enables organisations to migrate email, calendar, files to Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, while Virtru specialises in encryption and data protection for companies with sensitive data.

By joining forces, the CloudMigrator + Virtru solution offers email and file encryption before, during and after cloud migration and is intended for those organisations that must satisfy strict compliance and privacy regulations for their data, such as the finance industry, government, law enforcement and those that must comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With CloudMigrator + Virtru organizations can encrypt emails and files before they ever leave their premises, ensuring that no unauthorized third party ever has access to unencrypted content. Before migration takes place, companies will be able to enable Virtru data encryption directly from the CloudMigrator interface.

During the migration deployment encryption technology prevents cloud providers and third parties from accessing any sensitive emails or files. After migration, data access can be managed and data can be securely shared, all without disrupting workflows.

Gary Bennion, Product Director at CloudM, commented:

“We’re delighted to partner with Virtru to offer an version of our leading CloudMigrator product with enhanced security. In addition to the encryption you already get with CloudMigrator, this collaboration enables our customers to selectively encrypt and protect data before and after migration as well, so is particularly well suited to those organisations that have previously struggled to take advantage of cloud solutions due to very strict data security regulations.”

“The partnership between CloudMigrator and Virtru directly addresses the biggest remaining barriers to cloud adoption – security and compliance” said John Ackerly, CEO of Virtru.

“With our combined solutions, more enterprises can confidently move more data to the cloud, while meeting their privacy and security requirements.”

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