SME Security to bring Cybersecurity Resilience Accelerator to Australian SMEs

SME Security announces the launch of its Cybersecurity Resilience Accelerator (CRA) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) within Australia and New Zealand. The CRA has been designed to enable SME businesses to enhance their cybersecurity resilience without the need for security specialists on staff.

“The web is a risky place, but all businesses need to use it. Big business is managing their risk by investing in cybersecurity resources and infrastructure. But those investments are typically beyond the reach of most SMEs,” said Simon Gibbard, Founder of Shore Up Security. “Our goal is to make cybersecurity resilience practical and affordable for all SMEs.”

SME Security’s CRA offering combines the Password Coach’s program of animated phishing awareness training with Authentic8’s secure cloud-based web access to enable SME businesses to defend against web-borne malware attacks and phishing scams with minimal cost, disruption or reliance on internal resources.

“We’ve teamed up with secure browsing experts Authentic8 to bring malware-resistant web access to SME businesses in Australia and New Zealand. This is a really significant development, because when businesses access the web this way, it is simply not possible for their devices to become infected by web-borne malware such as ransomware.

Furthermore, by adding cybersecurity awareness training to the service, all employees become equipped to spot and avoid phishing scams, in all their forms. These two cloud services enable any SME business to address key vulnerabilities in their existing cybersecurity defences in pretty short order,” said Gibbard.

SME Security’s Cybersecurity Resilience Accelerator (CRA) is licensed on a per user basis and can be purchased with a credit card. Both the training and technology components of the CRA are available on a free 30-day trial.

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