Entrust Datacard TruCredential ID creator software goes mobile

Entrust Datacard announced the release of TruCredential 7.5 software that enables tablet and mobile-based capture and issuance of ID cards.

A traditional capture station consists of a network computer linked to a camera and printer. With TruCredential 7.5, card program administrators are no longer tethered to this hardwired set up. Instead, users can capture and print IDs with a mobile device from anywhere on their network and print to any network-connected printer.

Instead of having to capture photos on a stationary camera, card issuers can use the camera technology available on today’s connected devices.

The mobile solution streamlines the ID credentialing process for efficiency. This has benefits for multiple industries.

For example, universities can eliminate lines at the card office by capturing photos and enrolling students in the bookstore, in front of the dorms, or in the cafeteria during orientation day, and batch print back to card printers in a central card office.

Another option is to set up check-in kiosks with a mounted tablet in a corporate lobby which enables the user to self-enroll and capture their photo, and a guest ID is printed at the main security desk.

Another feature of TruCredential is its server-based installation that enables multiple benefits such as:

  • Printer access from any connected device; if one printer is down, card administrators can route jobs to another printer.
  • Card templates that only need to be created once, and can be accessed by multiple workstations and printers – freeing up IT resources and repetition in multi-printer deployments.
  • Software updates that only need to be done once, instead of updates deployed station-by-station.

“Hosting card software on the server is pivotal for digital ID issuance,” says Dan Sanden, VP of Software Solutions at Entrust Datacard.

“With TruCredential 7.5, all ID capture stations can access card templates from anywhere, which frees up the entire process for card administrators.”

TruCredential 7.5 also includes improvements to support large organizations, including web service integration capabilities, tools for managing large batch print jobs and a tool for automatic cropping.

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