Threat Intelligence launches Evolve, a new cloud-based security automation platform

Threat Intelligence announced the launch of Evolve, a new cloud-based security automation platform. Evolve is the platform to deliver three pillars of security automation across a unified platform – automated penetration testing, automated security infrastructure orchestration and automated incident response.

With Evolve, businesses and individuals can enhance current security skills and capabilities; streamline security operations and maximise existing security budgets, ensuring a better ROI.

The security automation platform is also revolutionising the consumption of security services with the choice of a subscription or on-demand usage-based business model.

“Evolve is an innovative security automation platform for businesses and individuals based anywhere in the world,” said Ty Miller, managing director of Threat Intelligence.

“It is designed to address the current gap in automated security offerings. By integrating an automated approach to penetration testing, security infrastructure orchestration and incident response we are able to deliver the broadest automated security platform offering in the market today.”

He continued: “Evolve also has a unique capability to orchestrate whole environments on the fly, making it easier to respond to rapidly evolving security needs. Our goal is to make automating security requirements easy.”

The Evolve security automation platform has been launched to meet a demand for a rapid response to increasing security visibility and capabilities in an efficient operational and cost-effective manner. It meets these needs via its transparent platform capable of dissolving threats across one interface.

Evolve Platform

On-demand coverage – Execute on-demand automated penetration testing to identify attack vectors and security flaws faster than before. Location-Agnostic Penetration Testing now allows penetration testing environments to be orchestrated in the cloud or across security zones. Evolve delivers quality penetration testing and repeatable real-time verification of risks. Organisations can minimise the time it takes to detect risks and security weaknesses. This is achieved through Automated Reconnaissance, Automated Infrastructure Penetration Testing and Automated DevOps Application Security Testing.

Immediate proactive protection – Evolve Security Automation makes it easy for organisations and security teams to orchestrate a range of security infrastructure components and automate the integration of Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds in for immediate proactive protection. Using the Evolve “Location-Agnostic Orchestration” capabilities, these security infrastructure components can be orchestrated within the Evolve Cloud or across any security zone in your organisation or third-party cloud provider.

Transformational incident response – Evolve enables automatic evidence collection, analysis and response to security incidents to ensure that threats are dissolved, and breaches are contained. Responses are customized for each organizations’ needs.

“Evolve was developed to directly respond to evolving global threats and the challenges of limited security budgets, skills and resources. We acknowledge many organizations would love to be able to better proactively respond to security challenges, rather than constantly managing security issues. Evolve lets them do this and can scale up or down to meet their needs at different times,” concluded Miller.

Evolve is commercially available now.

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