Securely launch your IoT-related services, devices, platforms, apps

Irdeto has introduced the latest version of Cloakware Software Protection to enable any IoT connected business to take advantage of and securely launch IoT-related services, devices, platforms, applications and more.

Irdeto Cloakware Software Protection

Irdeto Cloakware Software Protection

Cloakware Software Protection is a suite of advanced cybersecurity technologies that enables organizations to customize the protection of their software-defined business. The solution now offers more platform support, including mobile devices and other platforms on iOS, Android, Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, select RTOSs and more.

Irdeto has also expanded the solution’s programming language support to include C, C++, Swift, Web Assembly, JavaScript and others. In addition, Irdeto has also announced its new Cloakware Development Center to better connect with the developers using its solutions. This ensures that any organization working with Irdeto has a trusted, strategic security partner to meet their business needs.

Businesses today know that they need protection beyond just the application. Recognizing these needs, Cloakware Software Protection Version 8.0 now offers the latest advancements in cutting-edge software protection for the connected world, covering all elements of software protection, from the application to the gateway to the endpoint devices, sensors and other elements of the IoT ecosystem.

The improved architecture enables easy and intuitive workflow implementation for software developers looking to harden these new IoT services or devices without impacting end-user experience or small CPU footprint device performance.

It also fosters future technology innovation, such as a new, tamper-proof forensic mark for software that will be previewed at Black Hat. This technology is aimed at addressing the threat in many industries of IP theft and the use of pirated unlicensed software; a $50 billion per-year problem and growing rapidly. Cloakware will enable proactive security services that can trace a unique forensic mark inserted by Cloakware and enable companies to monitor where their software is being illegally promoted or used.

“Connectivity is changing business,” said Jaco Du Plooy, Vice President of IoT Security, Irdeto. “From media & entertainment, to manufacturing, healthcare and other IoT connected industries, organizations are harnessing our always-on world to implement new business models. However, without securing these innovations, they are destined to fail. At the end of the day, Cloakware Software Protection is providing IoT connected industries with the peace of mind to securely innovate and deploy their services or devices in ever-increasing hostile environments.”

The solution is purpose-built to enable a multitude of business models. Take the case of a small business owner that has created their own proprietary algorithm and developed an application around this algorithm. Cloakware Software Protection could be used to protect this intellectual property through renewable, entangled, code and data transformations, allowing them to securely expand their business without fear that their core IP will be reverse engineered and copied. The solution is also valuable for organizations exploring digital twins. It ensures that the entire digital twin is fully transcoded and that each release utilizes a diverse instance of the transcoding to further frustrate a persistent reverse engineering program.

“Software attacks and intellectual property theft pose a threat to a company’s bottom line,” said Tony Massimini, Cybersecurity Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “While the implementation of software and IoT technologies provide the flexibility to innovate, they also introduce vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers on a daily basis. As a result, it is critical for businesses to have a robust and dynamic cybersecurity strategy.”

To help organizations understand the need for a robust software protection and cybersecurity strategy, Irdeto has also launched its latest Cloakware report, which outlines the power of a good cybersecurity strategy and solution to enable and protect business models.

Irdeto will highlight these strategies and will also showcase its Cloakware Software Protection solution at Black Hat (booth #2329) from August 8-9, 2018.

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