Demand for online content and services drive Pulse Secure application delivery business growth

Pulse Secure announced that its virtual Application Delivery Controller (virtual ADC) business unit has achieved growth and increased market share in the last year.

The announcement marks the one-year anniversary since Pulse’s acquisition of the virtual ADC Business Unit from Brocade Communications.

Factors driving the company’s success are the demand for online content and web services, and infrastructure requirements including cloud and hybrid IT growth, DevOps, containerization/Docker and workload migration.

Brad Casemore, research vice president for Datacenter Networks at IDC, said, “As enterprises pursue digital transformation as a strategic imperative, they are increasingly embracing hybrid IT and multi-cloud to achieve greater agility and flexibility. However, as applications become more distributed – residing not only in on-premises datacenters but also in multiple clouds – enterprises are compelled to adopt equally agile application-delivery infrastructures that provide both cost-effective support for distributed applications and flexible licensing. By creating a pool of Traffic Manager ADC licenses that customers can flexibly allocate and reuse as needed, Pulse Secure Services Director allows customers to rapidly deploy application-delivery services when and where they’re required, ensuring that organizations can attain the business agility, operational flexibility and elastic scalability that cloud promises.”

2018 highlights testifying to Pulse Secure’s virtual ADC market success include:

  • Average deal size more than double historical averages,
  • 25% increase in revenues since product line acquisition from Brocade Communications,
  • More six-figure deals than any other time in virtual ADC’s history,
  • Double-digit growth in user participation within Pulse Secure Community,
  • Solid partner execution, as validated by the company’s Connect Now partner program, receiving CRN’s Five-Star award.

“Our growth highlights that we are gaining market share due to our continued innovation and the exceptional performance of our products. We continue to demonstrate that our virtual ADC product line helps enterprises design and easily deploy solutions for today’s rapidly changing hybrid-IT environment,” said Marion Smith, vice president and general manager of Pulse Secure’s virtual ADC business unit.

Contributing to the unit’s growth in the last year, and the years ahead, is the opportunity to sell integrated solutions to existing Pulse Secure clients including 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and some 22,000 other companies.

These organizations are attracted by a unified solution that combines secure access from any device to any system, proven capabilities to deliver applications with high performance and system-wide tools to manage their infrastructure efficiently for both security and performance.

The outlook is bright given these trends, the investments made by Pulse Secure in people, products and the platform and the proven accomplishments of the virtual ADC team.

In the last year, the company:

  • Introduced virtual ADC products on Google cloud, accelerating enterprise cloud adoption with deployment flexibility and the capability to deliver mission-critical applications in a highly secure and reliable manner,
  • Extended virtual ADC integration with cloud technologies including support for: Amazon AWS GovCoud for federal cloud applications; Docker containers, Terraform, Service Discovery and DevOps tools; and intuitive graphical analytics of end-to-end traffic flows,
  • Published tools and documentation to support the deployment of Pulse virtual ADC, with Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure, for closer integration with Pulse VPN and NAC solutions.

Global partners play an essential role in the growth of Pulse Secure’s Virtual Application Delivery Controller. An example is Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, who uses virtual ADC technology for the reliability, security and delivery it provides for Hitachi’s Data Intelligence solutions.

“Data has become the business-enabling capital of the digital era and we strive to give our customers the greatest flexibility, control and performance over how data is delivered,” said Tim Durant, senior director, ISV Alliances at Hitachi Vantara.

“Together with Pulse Secure, we’re able to offer customers integrated data intelligence solutions that deliver the fast, scalable and flexible data delivery they require to help keep their data secure and ensure high-quality user experiences.”

Another example is SCSK Corporation, an APAC partner, who distributes Pulse Secure virtual ADC to many cloud service providers who offer these services to their customers and charge based on monthly usage in Japan.

Takahiro Sawada, general manager of the IP Network Technologies Department, Carrier Products Business Division for SCSK Corporation, said, “We have been fortunate to be partners with Pulse virtual ADC for over 10 years and are very excited about the positive momentum since the acquisition of virtual ADC. Many of our customers are happy with the solutions and capabilities that this technology provides. We expect to see our partnership continue to grow and expand with new innovative solutions including breakaway advances in visibility and analytics, empowering enterprises to manage their performance more simply through intuitive graphical tools.”

Pulse Secure virtual ADC business results show that the company is outpacing market growth with its new acquisition and continuing to expand the product and partner capabilities in ways that extend their business reach and attract new customers.

Pulse Secure virtual ADC completes the company’s broad customer offering with secure access to deliver customer solutions for data center applications from the web, cloud and mobile networks, while providing an end-to-end solution designed to reduce cost and complexity, increase security and enhance user experience.

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