Exabeam and Okta partner to deliver security detection and response for identity

Exabeam and Okta have partnered to deliver an identity security solution that enables organizations to detect, investigate and respond to credential-based attacks in real time.

By joining the Okta Integration Network, Exabeam benefits from Okta’s identity platform, helping security teams to detect and respond to user-based threats before they become critical.

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, stolen credentials continue to top the list of causes for data breaches.

Many organizations still focus on securing their network perimeter instead of how they secure their extended enterprises.

By adopting a Zero Trust security model, organizations can position themselves to respond to credential-based attacks by shifting their focus from protecting legacy perimeters to protecting every user and device within the organization.

Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform (SIP) ingests user authentication events and identity context via API integration.

Exabeam then analyzes that information and adds context to enable the detection of suspicious login activities.

Security teams can then take action via automated playbooks that require users to verify their identity via step-up authentication, or that enforce containment actions, such as disabling the user’s account, reducing the user’s access or denying authentication attempts.

“Whether it’s a malicious or compromised insider, credential-based threats are tricky to identify,” said Ted Plumis, vice president of Worldwide Channels at Exabeam.

“We are excited to partner with Okta to deliver a sophisticated, orchestrated security solution that will provide customers with visibility and additional context—empowering analysts to identify and remediate compromised user accounts in real time.”

“In today’s threat environment, security is at the forefront of every organization’s mind, no matter what industry they are in, and the more intelligence that is available to them, the better decisions they can make to keep their users and data safe,” said Chuck Fontana, vice president of Integrations and Strategic Partnerships, Okta.

“We’re excited to be working hand-in-hand with Exabeam to unite Okta’s rich identity insights and user remediation with Exabeam’s exceptional user and entity behavior analytics capabilities to help close the security loop against sophisticated threats.”

The joint solution provides a view of security events across an organization, contextualized with user identity information, in a security management system that detects suspicious from normal behavior, surfaces alerts instantly with clarifying contextual data, and initiates automated remediation measures where appropriate.

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