Entrust Datacard raises the bar for zero factor authentication

Entrust Datacard announced new capabilities for the company’s Mobile Smart Credential solution — including Bluetooth functionality which provides automated login and logout support across platforms including Apple MAC, Windows and virtual desktops.

With PKI credentials at its core, employee authentication can guard against cyber threats, without sacrificing the user experience — enabled by the mobile device.

As more employees struggle with the burden of authentication, Entrust Datacard transforms their mobile devices into a secure digital identity, to access workstations, networks and applications without the hassle of entering a password and traditional two-factor methods with each session.

Bluetooth login support provides users with a login experience using proximity-based access to any workstation, as well as access to VPN networks, cloud applications, legacy enterprise applications and even physical door access with their mobile device.

The Mobile Smart Credential solution also ties into unified endpoint management platforms, enabling users to utilize the same credentials to authenticate to all mobile apps. This removes burdens for users while maximizing company security controls.

“Mobile technology is impacting every aspect of our lives and is already quickly becoming the key to unlocking the future of authentication,” said Ryan Zlockie, global vice president of authentication solutions for Entrust Datacard.

“Mobile devices are an extension of our identity. Like a mobile wallet for payments, Mobile Smart Credential is a virtual employee ID that provides unfettered access to all of the digital and physical places where employees need to do their job. And, by removing friction to the authentication process, organizations are able to streamline operations, increase productivity and provides a better user experience for their employees, which leads to greater overall employee satisfaction.”

The new functionality is the result of an Entrust Datacard collaboration with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which began in December 2017.

The innovation represents another step in Entrust Datacard’s quest for zero factor authentication, eliminating user problems including factors, friction and frustration.

By leveraging the power of mobile and cloud technologies to address the barriers to deploying PKI and smart cards, Mobile Smart Credential moves beyond mobile push capabilities to deliver a new level of authentication that is more secure, user-friendly and versatile than current solutions.

“As more digital businesses use Apple MAC as an enterprise computing platform and firms seek solutions that operate across platforms, including virtual desktops, VPNs and applications — the need for a high-assurance, zero factor authentication solution like Mobile Smart Credential has never been greater,” said Zlockie.

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