Trend Micro simplifies advanced threat detection and network analysis

Trend Micro introduced advanced analytics capabilities for its network security solution, Deep Discovery.

Now in addition to detecting and analyzing threats on the network, customers will be able to streamline investigation and response with automated analysis and correlation of network events, while maximizing organizations’ limited IT security resources.

Organizations today are being squeezed on both sides, by a cybersecurity skills shortage and determined threat actors, driving a fear of missing new threats. They need a way to simplify and prioritize threat information, accelerating detection and response.

“Nobody likes to be blindsided. Security professionals need to be able to see what is happening across their network and respond quickly when needed. They need to be able to filter the noise so they can focus on critical tasks,” said Eric Skinner, vice president of solution marketing for Trend Micro.

“The new network analytics capabilities of Deep Discovery do just that, empowering organizations struggling with skills shortages to keep themselves protected and productive.”

In addition to the new network analytics capabilities, Deep Discovery has enhanced the sharing of threat information or indicators of compromise (IOCs) by leveraging standards-based formats and transfers (STIX, TAXII, YARA).

All security solutions an organization uses, including the entire Trend Micro product family and third-party products, will have the threat intelligence. This simplifies IOC management for stretched IT teams.

“Today’s organizations are being steadily submerged by threat alerts. Firefighting these individual problems means there is no time for the security team to focus on the bigger picture,” said Rob Ayoub, IDC Program Director, Security Products.

“Solutions that address this challenge effectively can offer significant benefits — enabling IT security teams to do more with less and add true strategic value to the organization.”

Network analytics enable security teams to look back at data in an automated way to determine:

  • Who was the first point of compromise,
  • What other users in the network have been impacted,
  • Where the threat is calling out to, including Command and Control (C&C) and malicious site redirects.

By providing a prioritized view of advanced threat detections it helps IT security teams automate investigations for action, helping them save time and allowing them to focus their resources on other activities.

In addition, the solution accelerates remediation efforts and even prevents further attacks thanks to information displayed across the attack lifecycle.

“When it comes to threat detection and response, speed is essential when trying to minimize the impact of an attack. With limited time and resources, we need a tool that can help us correlate threats and quickly steer us in the right direction,” said Jeff Ringness, IT Security Architect at Eaton Corp.

“Now Trend Micro can aid in the heavy lifting, turning a manual intensive process into something far more manageable. By grouping similar detections together in one easy-to-view screen, our security team will be able to reduce the time to investigate and shift our efforts to prevention and remediation.”

Threat sharing and network analytics capabilities for Deep Discovery are now available globally.

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