Navisite upgrades its Managed DaaS solutions with VMware Horizon DaaS 8.0

Navisite announced that it has upgraded its Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions with support for the new VMware Horizon DaaS 8.0.

An expanded list of add-on services from Navisite enables clients to customize their environment to meet their business needs.

Navisite, a member of the VMware Cloud Provider Program, is one of the Managed Service Providers (MSP) to deliver a solution built on this new release from VMware.

The new DaaS solutions will be part of the Navisite Managed End-User Cloud portfolio, which also includes management solutions for Office 365, and a suite of options on top of existing Horizon DaaS 8.0 capabilities.

These services provide clients with flexibility, security and integration capabilities across other end-user cloud solutions, resulting in a richer and robust end-user experience.

“With our new DaaS solution and the power of VMware Horizon DaaS 8.0 and Microsoft Windows 10, the desktop in the cloud finally becomes a reality, freeing IT professionals from the mundane tasks of managing desktops across the organization,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, Group Vice President and General Manager, Navisite.

“As modern DaaS solutions combine Identity Management, Office 365 and the SaaS applications, which have become essential to business today, we are enabling the paradigm shift in end-user computing.”

Clients such as PMGC Technology Group are already seeing the benefits of the newly expanded Managed DaaS solutions.

“PMGC has partnered with Navisite to provide DaaS solutions to Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA), a multi-discipline, not-for-profit organization, to centralize their desktop management strategy using Navisite’s Horizon DaaS 8.0 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution. Navisite’s OpEx service allows us and the customer to better understand and manage their costs across the organization from desktop transformation, patching and managing software updates across a rapidly evolving IT landscape,” said Shez Cheema, CEO, PMGC Technology Group.

Navisite Managed DaaS options now include:

Standard desktops: Clients can choose from four standard desktop models with an standard storage of 100 GB per desktop. Every Navisite DaaS environment includes: Read Only Active Directory (AD) Controller, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and certifications as standard features.

Customizable desktops: Navisite can configure custom DaaS workloads for desktops, skinned desktops and sessions in minutes based on a client’s individual requirements.

Flexible licensing choices: Clients can select to provide their own licenses (Bring Your Own License / “BYOL”) or to purchase licenses from Navisite and integrate the cost into the price of a desktop.

Add-on services: Navisite provides clients with the ability to tailor their environment with add-ons such as anti-virus and patch management services, making every environment unique to each client’s business needs.

Integration with Windows 10: Navisite Managed DaaS, with its built-in security controls helping to protect people, data and devices, complements Windows 10, the operating system designed for cloud.

Workspace in the cloud: Clients can customize their Office 365 plan with support for Managed Desktop and Managed Office 365 and integrate it with their DaaS solution.

The Navisite End-User Cloud, along with Managed Disaster Recovery Cloud, Managed Azure and VMware Clouds, Cloud Security and Compliance and Professional Services solutions, help organizations meet their business objectives to offload IT functions and drive down legacy IT costs by shifting their infrastructure, application and development needs to the cloud.

“VMware is excited to partner with Navisite, a long standing partner, who is an early adopter of our Horizon DaaS 8.0 technologies,” said Shankar Iyer, GM and Senior Vice President, End-User Computing, VMware.

“With the launch of the new Navisite DaaS Horizon 8.0 offering at VMworld this week, Navisite is offering a modern client experience that includes options for Windows 10, Office 365 and Identity / Security Services on top of our new Horizon VDI platform. This exciting technology partnership enables greater client choice and provides a newer and richer user experience.”

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