Moogsoft announces Observe expanding its AIOps platform capabilities

Moogsoft announced the launch of Moogsoft Observe. This technology extends Moogsoft’s core AIOps platform capabilities from centralized analytics outwards to the data source, providing IT teams with visibility and observability of customer-impacting problems wherever they occur.

Moogsoft Observe is the technology that ingests time-series and metrics data in real-time and applies AI to detect incidents at the source of the problem.

Observe stores anomalous and contextual data, giving IT teams knowledge to improve their online services and applications while lowering data transport, ingestion, and storage costs.

Without requiring data lakes or data scientists to operate, Observe can be used by IT generalists including site reliability engineers and DevOps.

“With Observe, we’re advancing the capabilities of AIOps to help IT teams better manage their services and applications in the face of a massive proliferation and decentralization of data,” said Phil Tee, CEO of Moogsoft.

“Unlike other tools, Observe enables IT and DevOps teams to detect problems wherever their customers are, and allows them to identify the root cause for service disruptions sooner without the cost, complexity, and delays of collecting and analyzing all the data in a centralized location.”

Moogsoft Observe is powered by a new suite of algorithms developed for the IT use cases in the world’s enterprise environments.

By ingesting and analyzing data at the source and storing anomalous and contextual data centrally, Observe enables analysis of data but at a lower cost and with reduced latency — reducing the time to detect a problem by up to 60 percent and cutting nearly 90 percent of the storage and communication costs per bit of information.

“In our pure cloud and agile environments, we need a solution that could perform anomaly detection and proactively notify us that something’s wrong — putting people in front of dashboards isn’t an option anymore,” said Eli Chen, CTO of UJET, which beta-tested Observe.

“Moogsoft’s AI-centric approach to the problem and extending it to time-series data analysis with its Observe offering is exactly the right approach to that problem.”

Built for the enterprise, Observe is a single-agent technology that can operate across all environments, including cloud instances, workloads, and containers, as well as on-premises systems and applications.

Observe is an extension of the Moogsoft AIOps platform but can be deployed independently. An early access beta program will be available this November.

Additionally, Moogsoft announced that version 7.0 of the Moogsoft AIOps platform will be available this October.

This release introduces Vertex Entropy and Situation Topology Visualization — two AI-based technologies that help IT teams understand the root cause of any problem through a system topology map.

Together, Vertex Entropy and Situation Topology Visualization provide insights into the root cause of any problem and visibility into the relationships across IT processes, applications, and devices.

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