SecBI partners with Intelligent Wave to bring Autonomous Investigation technology to enterprises

SecBI announced a partnership with Intelligent Wave to offer SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology to organizations and enterprises throughout Japan. The collaboration answers the need for enterprises to uncover malicious communications within minutes.

SecBI’s Autonomous Investigation technology is based on machine learning that analyzes network traffic to automate the detection and investigation of cybersecurity threats without the need to deploy additional sensors.

Its ability to discover and map out the full scope of an attack accelerates and optimizes response and mitigation.

Security analysts are presented with complete attack narratives including actionable information, giving them visibility of all users, devices and infection points involved in an attack, with a clear path for remediation.

“The inevitable occurrence of a cyberattack requires every enterprise to defend itself with a multi-level security strategy; therefore, we are pleased to represent SecBI’s innovative detection and investigation technology in Japan,” said Hiroaki Tezuka, General Manager of Security Solutions Business Division at Intelligent Wave.

“As SecBI developed its Autonomous Investigation technology with sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we’re confident that our customers will stay ahead of the new wave of cyberattacks and easily defend their digital assets and brand. We are targeting the first year’s revenues from the sale of SecBI to enterprise Japanese customers to be two million yen.”

“We are very excited to partner with Intelligent Wave to solve the challenges faced by security analysts in Japan. Like analysts the world over, they require better tools to sift through billions of logs, sporadic alerts and anomalies, without drowning in an overabundance of false positives,” said Doron Davidson, Co-founder and VP of Business Development at SecBI.

“We are confident that working with IWI will enable us to penetrate this strategic market. Japanese enterprises have quickly become very cyber defense-aware and appreciate the value of technology that empowers analysts to immediately perform accurate and comprehensive remediation of the most advanced threats.”

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