Cypaw: Risk management and data compromise prevention tool

Cypaw is a risk management tool, bringing visibility and control to organisation’s digital footprint while reducing the likelihood of successful phishing attacks.

Cyber-attacks remain a daily occurrence and the increasing sophistication of attackers makes the threat of a data breach for all enterprises, whether public or private, omnipresent.

95% of all cyber-attacks begin with a successful Phish. However, rather than sending out a bulk email in hopes of a bite, hackers will target an organisation or individual in what’s known as Spear-phishing.

Spear-phishing is the starting point for other scams such as Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and Industrial Espionage. However, the potential for these risks is rooted in the information you leave online – your digital footprint.

This is where Cypaw steps in.

Scanning the web and analysing information is a job for a computer. Cypaw does the work for you by collating information from data sources combined with risk categorisation algorithm.

With Cypaw, users can monitor and control leaked information and sensitive data through its digital footprint analysis platform. But, what exactly is a Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is a trail of information that you leave online. This refers to anything from your personally identifiable information such as your name, location and job details, to sensitive information such as your bank login details.

Cybercriminals use this data to put together a digital profile—all about you, your team, your CEO and your suppliers.

If criminals could not access or track your digital footprint, there’d be no problem. Unfortunately, there are a few ways of doing just that.

Training employees to deal with cyber-security threats is important; however, it can be impossible to eliminate human-error.

Fortunately, Cypaw can make up for these shortcomings. This service will comb the internet for relevant and potentially sensitive information to find out how employees are using their corporate email addresses.

Cypaw searches the web, using OSINT tools, GDPR regulations and proprietary software to find every example of

Once found, you will see which employee is involved in a data breach and where that person has used a particular email address.

Through an internal dashboard, you will discover publicly available information including: names, addresses, emails, dates of birth, staff roles, data breaches, and more.

CTO’s or CISO’s at your business can utilise this information to plug any gap in your cyber-defenses.

Regarding the launch of the service, CEO Adam Pritchard states, “At Cypaw, we are passionate about creating a service that is faster, more effective and cheaper than what is currently available. We are excited to unveil our service to the world.”

Traditional methods of protecting your data are time-consuming and expensive. Cypaw is an automated service allowing everyone to better protect themselves and clean up their online hygiene.

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