SmartBear announces SoapUI Pro 2.5, enabling teams to embed API testing into DevOps

SmartBear announced the release of SoapUI Pro 2.5, the latest update of the testing platform for REST and SOAP APIs.

This release includes the addition of native Docker support, automated test creation, and native integrations with Continuous Integration (CI) servers like Jenkins, TeamCity, and VSTS.

Containers are changing the way software is delivered in a microservice-driven world. DevOps teams are turning to containers, and specifically Docker, as a critical component of their continuous delivery process.

Docker is the container technology that allows software teams to build, ship, and run microservices and applications in a more scalable manner than traditional Virtual Machines (VMs).

SoapUI Pro can now be run inside Docker containers to assist in executing and running of functional and security API tests in parallel.

API testing continues to be one of the key ways in which developers and testers can receive instant feedback as they integrate new code and features.

“Docker has gained popularity and mainstream adoption due to how it enables teams to develop and test applications faster and at scale,” said Christian Wright, EVP and GM, API Business at SmartBear.

“With this latest release of SoapUI Pro, we are making it seamless for our customers to integrate API testing into the Docker ecosystem, so they can accelerate their continuous delivery efforts while ensuring they ship the highest quality APIs.”

Alongside support for Docker, SoapUI Pro 2.5 has expanded its list of native integrations with tools in the DevOps ecosystem, including VSTS, TeamCity, Jenkins, and Slack.

As continuous testing practices increase in the market, the prevalence of CI platforms orchestrating tasks such as packaging, testing, and alerting has also grown.

With the SoapUI Pro 2.5 release, SmartBear has made it easy for teams of any technical background to implement API testing in their CI/CD pipeline for continuous feedback.

Additionally, the company’s new Slack integration allows teams of all sizes to get alerted on test results.

Users can find SoapUI Pro in Docker Hub’s plugin repository, right alongside development and operations tools like Redis, Jenkins, and ServiceV Pro, the virtualization tool from SmartBear.

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