Masergy launches Secure Hybrid Networking for enterprises

Masergy introduces Secure Hybrid Networking, an evolution of the company’s network and security solutions. Masergy Secure Hybrid Networking lays the foundation for the digitally-enabled enterprises.

With Masergy Secure Hybrid Networking, global enterprises benefit from:

Integrated security – built-in support for network segmentation and a single secure premise device providing a security view across the entire global enterprise. Provides visibility across both network and security domains.

Simplicity and agility – managed, plug and play secure device pre-provisioned with all major functions and supported by centralized policy management. Enables rapid and secure direct connections to cloud providers.

Lower costs – ability to combine public and private connectivity to optimize costs, enhance application performance, and ensure resiliency. Eliminates redundant network costs by utilizing virtualized network capabilities.

“As a visionary in the marketplace, Masergy is leading the way in integrating security and network capabilities to help global enterprises accelerate digital transformation,” said Chris MacFarland, executive chairman and CTO, Masergy.

“We are on a trajectory to truly redefine enterprise networking once again with the most secure, self-adjusting network solutions available.”

Integrated with Masergy’s suite of managed detection and response (MDR) solution, clients can add incremental MDR services including 24/7 monitoring and incident response.

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