Riskonnect announces new User Experience interface

Riskonnect announced the release of its new Riskonnect User Experience, RKUX. The enhancement delivers a user experience designed to help risk professionals work faster and smarter.

“Enterprises need technology that makes it easier to see and mitigate the potential risks they’re facing,” said Andrea Brody, Riskonnect chief marketing officer. “We developed RKUX to deliver an easy-to-use platform that our customers can easily adopt and quickly experience enterprise-wide benefits without being mired down in technology.”

Ahead of the rollout, several Riskonnect customers tested the system, providing feedback throughout the beta testing process regarding the look and ease of movement within the new RKUX. Some of the feedback we heard was based on how it will save time and boost productivity.

“The customer feedback during the development process allowed us to create an interface that truly reflects the wants and needs of today’s risk professionals,” said Roger Dunkin, Riskonnect co-founder and vice president, product.

RKUX is part of Riskonnect’s recent product version release, which also contains additional key functionalities such as:

  • Navigation designed to guide the user through natural workflow,
  • Note components and file enhancements that provide users with one-click access to tasks,
  • List and report views that allow for easier data filtering and visualization,
  • Dashboards with components spanning both columns and rows,
  • User-focused workspaces that prioritize their activities.

Inspired by feedback from users, new features tailor to diverse roles within an enterprise. The result is customized navigation styles, allowing all risk team members to work within their respective environments.

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