Lockpath announces new platform for security configuration assessment

Lockpath announced the launch of a new risk management platform for configuration assessment and asset discovery. The product, Blacklight, allows customers to identify and assess configuration anomalies while maintaining an asset inventory.

Available October 1, Blacklight brings automation to the configuration assessment of servers and corporate devices. The platform utilizes agent technology that assesses devices and systems against Center for Internet Security (CIS) configuration benchmarks, as well as custom benchmarks, to detect misconfigurations that put organizations at risk for breaches or noncompliance.

Blacklight’s approach to configuration assessment helps security operations teams ensure compliance and security through data, alerts, and reporting without exposing their domain or admin credentials.

These features, along with a cloud-based management console, represent a departure from the on-premise tools that organizations have used for security configuration hardening and device compliance.

“As cloud-based solution, Blacklight provides a clean management console, along with seamless integration with Keylight,” said Lockpath Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Chris Goodwin.

“Blacklight helps organizations identify and secure configuration risks before they cause more serious issues. Blacklight allows us to further our commitment of helping our customers understand and manage their risk.”

With the release of Blacklight, Lockpath becomes the first company to provide both a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) platform and security configuration management platform, plus an integration between them.

Lockpath’s GRC solution, Keylight, is used by organizations to gain insights into risks by importing, correlating, and contextualizing risk data from across the enterprise while integrating and bringing automation to risk management processes.

Keylight and Blacklight can be used in combination to address challenges across an organization. But, at their core, the platforms gather data, provide context, and address the two sides of an organization’s risk exposure: managing visible risks while detecting configuration risks that are unknown to the business.

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Blacklight to our family of products,” said Lockpath CEO and founder Chris Caldwell. “This industry-first offering of security configuration assessment, device compliance and GRC will provide the necessary insights for companies to determine their true risk posture and give them the means to fully integrate their risk management processes.”

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