Micronaut: Framework for building microservice and serverless applications

Object Computing announced the first release candidate (RC1) for Micronaut, a new framework for building microservice and serverless applications.

Micronaut was built by the same software engineering team that developed and maintains the open source web application framework, Grails, used by Fortune 100 and 500 organizations across the globe.

Organizations migrating from on-premises, application architectures to cloud-native, microservice architectures will experience gains in efficiency thanks to Micronaut’s range of capabilities.

Micronaut enables organizations to optimize the development and deployment of mission-critical microservice applications by enhancing developer productivity and software testing.

Micronaut RC1 includes a set of features, including dependency injection, AOP, and configuration management, which optimize compute resources and enable deployment to cloud environments.

Additional features include an annotation processing engine, support for discovery services, distributed tracing tools, cloud runtimes, and more.

“Micronaut is a better fit for building microservices than Grails or Spring Boot in part because Micronaut does not depend on the runtime reflection inherent in Spring-based solutions,” said Micronaut co-founder, Jeff Brown.

“Runtime reflection is expensive in terms of runtime performance and memory consumption. With Micronaut, we’ve eliminated runtime reflection, which enables highly performant applications with minimal memory footprint.”

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