Zyxel launches ZyWALL ATP firewalls with deep learning

Zyxel Communications announced a new range of ZyWALL Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Firewalls that bring artificial intelligence and deep learning network security to small- and medium-sized businesses.

ZyWALL ATP products are network security gateway solutions that combine signature-based malware detection with the ability to detect malware all on their own.

ZyWALL ATP leverages scalable, cloud-based sandboxing to isolate and identify new malware. In addition to that, ZyWALL ATP products also incorporate VPN, content filtering and anti-SPAM functionality.

This new line of products provides businesses with a cybersecurity solution that protects their networks and data even from zero-day attacks that fly under the radars of conventional security solutions.

The new Zyxel ZyWALL family of ATP firewalls includes:

  • ZyWALL ATP500 7-Port Gigabit Ethernet ATP Firewall with 1 SFP Port;
  • ZyWALL ATP200 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet ATP Firewall with 1 SFP Port.

ZyWALL ATP products provide web security, application security and malware blocking, along with sandboxing and SecuReporter, to deliver performance and ensure protection as a self-evolving network security solution.

ZyWALL ATP Firewalls benefits include:

Self-evolving cloud intelligence – Real-time cloud-device synchronization ensures that ATP firewalls receive the threat intelligence to provide a defense shield against new unknown threats. A security defense ecosystem adapts to external attacks and keeps all ATP firewalls in sync 24/7.

Cloud sandboxing – Unknown files that cannot be identified by the security service are isolated in a cloud environment where the threat is assessed across multiple platforms.

High-assurance multi-layered protection – Multi-layered protection guards against multiple types of threats both internally and externally. Content filtering and anti-SPAM work in conjunction with anti-malware to provide defenses.

In-depth reporting – Cloud-based analytics and reporting provides network administrators with a centralized view of user activities and threat statistics for the entire network. Analysis and reporting tools include: network security threat identification and analysis, security services, security events, application usage, website and traffic usage, VPN status, and device health status.

Subscription service – The modular subscription service enables users to configure the feature set for their business requirements. Subscription service modules include: sandboxing, web and application security, malware blocker, intrusion protection, geo enforcer, managed AP service, and SecuReporter.

“The threats to the corporate network are evolving and increasing at an exponential rate, and effectively protecting the network from these threats requires a robust, self-evolving cybersecurity solution,” said Tri Nguyen, Market Development Manager at Zyxel.

“The cost of deploying these types of dynamic network security solutions has previously put them out of reach from all but the largest of companies. The launch of our new ZyWALL ATP firewall family brings that critical functionality to SMBs, enabling them to give their networks a level of comprehensive cybersecurity protection that has been unaffordable to many of them up to this point.”

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