ZeroFOX introduces new social media and digital protection managed services platform

ZeroFOX launches ZeroFOX OnWatch, a managed monitoring and protection service designed to help companies safeguard themselves against threats plaguing a broad range of platforms, including social media and digital platforms, the surface web, deep and dark web and mobile app stores.

With social media serving as a primary communication method for both businesses and individuals, companies are increasing their marketing and advertising budget spend on these platforms. In fact, worldwide social advertising investments are forecasted to grow from $32 billion in 2017 to $48 billion in 2021.

However, intertwined across social media is an abundance of malicious activity, ranging from phishing attacks and scams to account hacks to brand hijacking and fraud. To address this issue, social media tools and services that offer monitoring, identification and remediation capabilities are more crucial than ever before.

ZeroFOX OnWatch is a managed service built on top of the ZeroFOX Platform, supported by security experts and optimized to flag the priority threats, thereby reducing noise and saving time and resources.

When an alert is identified, the ZeroFOX team triages, investigates and remediates the threat, saving the targeted organization time, money and public brand embarrassment.

For resellers and service providers, this helps focus resources and speeds client resolutions. This is particularly important with 78% of consumers retracting brand loyalty and with the average annual cost of losing a customer to a single fraudulent account reaching $24,000.

“The threat landscape across social and digital platforms is evolving faster than businesses can keep up with, and it’s forcing teams to rethink how they’re protecting their brand reputation, employees, customers and data,” said James C. Foster, CEO and co-founder, ZeroFOX.

“As the category leader in social media and digital security, ZeroFOX OnWatch will provide the same level of protection that our platform customers trust and respect, while bringing a unique managed service capability to the table to ensure an expert security team can react quickly and accurately to modern threats plaguing organizations.”

ZeroFOX OnWatch offers two tiers of coverage, Standard and Premium, both providing validated, real-time alerts and notifications on potential risks to businesses and brands. With OnWatch Standard, ZeroFOX evaluates alerts, prioritizes and then escalates threats to customer in-house security teams for remediation. OnWatch Premium adds customer-specific incident response workflow, custom threat analysis and training as well.

“Our team of expert analysts truly sets ZeroFOX apart,” said Jen Meyer, Vice President, Customer Success, ZeroFOX. “Relying on years of experience identifying and remediating threats, the team handles every customer request and alert with efficiency and effectiveness, giving our customers peace of mind and saving them valuable time and resources.”

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