Therap announces enhanced secure communication tool

Therap announces an improved and user-friendly interface for its HIPAA-compliant secure messaging module. User experience is enhanced through a simple and intuitive design. The new design maintains the functionality of the module while streamlining the communication process, reducing the steps needed to complete the task.

The secure communications (SComm) module facilitates the exchange of information among users in an agency or across different agencies, in a secure, HIPAA compliant way.

SComm messages help improve communication related to services as well as the operations of the company, e.g. agency wide meeting announcements. Using secure communications, staff members within an agency can exchange messages on administrative, personal or individual care related issues.

The secure communication tool is integrated with Therap’s role-based access control mechanism to ensure that any forms’ protected health information (PHI) is exchanged between only those staff that have access privileges and approval to see that information.

Secure communications offer a recipient selection scheme that allows users to select multiple recipients based on user names, or a combination of super roles and programs. You can create custom user groups and send messages to a selected group of users. You can also create and manage personalized folders of your choice.

Additionally, staff can receive notifications on their email or phones for high priority communications, with such messages restricting any protected health information until the user is securely logged in. SComm messages can be prioritized with ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ notification levels. Users may choose to receive notifications for SComm messages by configuring the notification level that the message needs to have for the user to receive notifications via their chosen media.

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