ZeroStack delivers inter-cloud VPN-as-a-service

ZeroStack unveiled that administrators of its cloud platform can set up secure tunnels between users or networks at disparate sites, bringing a new layer of collaboration while maintaining security in multi-site cloud users.

While ZeroStack has long supported virtual firewalling or networking between tenants, the ZeroStack cloud’s security capabilities have now been expanded so a cloud administrator can enable VPN configurations for one or more tenants or Business Units (BU).

The BU administrators in turn can configure VPN tunnels between local networks and users that are located in one or more sites. In a cloud that supports two different sites, for example, the cloud administrator can use inter-cloud VPN-as-a-service to establish a secure tunnel between those two sites to give specific users access to a specific application.

“ZeroStack prides itself on offering highly granular control over users and resources,” said Michael Lin, director of product management at ZeroStack. “VPN-as-a-service establishes a new level of control by enabling secure tunneling between users and applications.”

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