Test IO introduces Bug Fix Confirmation, leveraging network of software testers to verify bug fixes

Test IO released a new product to help software teams verify that bugs are fixed in real-world conditions before software is released. Bug Fix Confirmation leverages test IO’s network of software testers to ensure that identified bugs are fixed so software releases go out on schedule.

Verifying resolution of bugs is a standard step in the software development cycle and a bottleneck in release processes. It is troublesome for companies whose development teams have prioritized automated testing and have fewer QA people on staff manually testing their software. test IO’s new Bug Fix Confirmation product enables test IO’s network of testers to take on this task and supply feedback so that teams can maintain focus on fixing bugs, rather than checking them.

“Developers hate waiting for feedback about bug fixes, and delays in verification mean that products or features ship later or with lower quality,” said Philip Soffer, CEO of test IO. “Our Bug Fix Confirmation product solves these issues and removes the associated inconvenience and uncertainty. Also, let’s face it, nobody on your team enjoys interrupting other work to confirm bug fixes; now they don’t have to.”

For software teams that work with test IO for on-demand crowdsourced QA testing, the steps that produced an initial bug are already documented in the original bug report so there is no need to record them for fix confirmation. To request a confirmation at any time, developers simply click “Confirm” in the bug report, select the test environment or upload a new build that contains the bug fix, and submit the request. In around 30 minutes, they’ll get an up-or-down answer.

Once the bug fix confirmation request is received, it goes out to test IO testers who repeat the steps that led to the bug. The process is documented with a screencast on a real device. test IO customers who use its plugin for Jira initiate reviews of patched issues from within the issue view in Jira. When the confirmation is finished, the Jira issue updates with a comment containing all of the details. The issue status can be updated as well.

“The process of confirming bug fixes can be risky, as fixes may introduce regressions in other areas so the testing scope is not always neatly defined. Now with test IO’s Bug Fix Confirmation product, our internal testers and developers can have confidence in our bug fixes,” said Fernando Gonzalez, Product Manager at You.i TV.

“And it closes the loop on the integration of crowd testers into our daily process: we develop a feature, the crowd tests, we fix the bugs they report, and they confirm the fixes. This process also contributes to my team’s peace of mind that our app is being tested out in the real world by real people.”

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