Bandura Cyber and Gigamon deliver threat intelligence-fueled network protection to the enterprise

Bandura Cyber integrated with Gigamon to deliver a solution targeted at reducing security alert fatigue and placing control over the attack surface back in the hands of the enterprise. Integrated with the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform, the Bandura Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) gives enterprises a way to keep threats off their infrastructures, helping to make existing security controls effective and efficient.

By leveraging threat intelligence repositories, block-list automation and precision geo-IP blocking, the Bandura TIG provides protection ahead of the firewall, the attacker and the threat. The Gigamon-Bandura joint solution defends against potentially harmful IPs and domains at line speeds before they reach a firewall. With Bandura TIG, known-threats will be blocked, and firewalls can focus resources on complex threats.

“Firewalls were not designed to take on the tens of millions of internet threats in play today. At most they can handle a few hundred thousand threat indicators at a time. Our integration with Bandura is purpose-built to operationalize the vast amount of threat intelligence available and ease a traditionally overwhelmed form of security,” said Adrian Liu, Director of Alliances and Business Development at Gigamon.

Liu adds, “Today’s firewalls can only leverage a limited amount of external threat intelligence requiring users to either operate with a subset of intelligence or expend more expensive deep packet inspection processor cycles to block the large volume of known threats. Our purpose-built integration with Bandura helps increase firewall performance by reducing their workload and operationalizing real-time threat intelligence. The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform enhances the value of Bandura TIG by delivering crucial visibility and control to the architecture.”

Benefits of The Gigamon-Bandura joint solution include:

  • Visibility and access to traffic from physical, virtual and public cloud networks through the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform,
  • The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform inline bypass functionality supports failover protection and maintains traffic continuity for the Bandura TIG in the event of a network outage or tool failure,
  • Automates aggregation and updating of threat intelligence from global providers and blacklist feeds,
  • Blocks known threats before they hit the firewall, improving firewall performance,
  • Reduces the attack surface and alert overload, and stops data losses with near-zero latency,
  • Improves firewalls’ return on investment (ROI) and enables a return on existing threat intelligence investments.

“Security staff and firewalls are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of threats and alerts being introduced to the network, and increasingly look to threat intelligence and automation tools to solve the problem,” adds Bandura’s Chief Strategy Officer, Todd Weller. “We are very excited to join forces with Gigamon to offer an integrated solution that eases the pressure on firewalls and reduces the overall attack surface.”

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