Threat Stack acquires runtime application security vendor Bluefyre

Threat Stack has acquired application security vendor Bluefyre to deliver full stack security observability from the control plane to the application layer. With the addition of Bluefyre, Threat Stack will empower developers to build applications that can detect and prevent threats at runtime, including applications running on Kubernetes.

Combining Bluefyre’s application security capabilities with Threat Stack’s intrusion detection will provide customers with stack security observability including the control plane, host, containers, orchestration, and application layer. By adding the application layer to its existing cloud infrastructure security capabilities, Threat Stack will enable its customers to integrate development, security, and operations into a unified DevSecOps program.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the Bluefyre team to Threat Stack. Observability of the application layer has been a key part of Threat Stack’s strategic vision, and Bluefyre’s capabilities provide the ideal complement to Threat Stack’s industry-leading cloud-optimized intrusion detection system,” said Brian M. Ahern, CEO, Threat Stack. “They have built an extremely powerful runtime application security product that will drastically increase the ability of Threat Stack customers to reduce risk within cloud infrastructure.”

“As organizations increasingly develop applications in the cloud, runtime monitoring and detection throughout the development and operations lifecycle is critical,” said Tim Buntel, co-founder and CEO, Bluefyre. “Bluefyre’s ability to protect applications augments Threat Stack’s cloud infrastructure security observability to provide DevOps and Security teams with a single tool that provides in-depth visibility and actionable intelligence.”

Buntel and his Bluefyre co-founder Sabin Thomas will join Threat Stack as Vice President of Application Security Products and Vice President of Application Security Engineering. They will be based in Threat Stack’s Boston, Massachusetts headquarters along with the rest of the Bluefyre team.

Threat Stack is planning to release the integrated Bluefyre capabilities as part of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform and Cloud SecOps Program in early 2019.

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