Aporeto’s Zero Trust now available on AWS Marketplace for Containers

Aporeto released the Zero Trust security solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace for Containers. AWS customers can now use the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) console and AWS Marketplace for Containers website to discover, produce and deploy container solutions – including the Aporeto Zero Trust security solution.

With this release, AWS Marketplace has extended its existing benefits and features to container products, with a discovery and search experience offering access to a curated catalog of trusted software from reputable vendors.

Aporeto provides an application segmentation solution that is designed to deliver cloud-native security for workloads being migrated from on-premises deployments to AWS. Aporeto for AWS is designed to make the deployment of hybrid workloads rapid and convenient, with consistent and portable security policies that are independent of the underlying infrastructure.

“We are excited to welcome Aporeto to the new AWS Marketplace for Containers to help the over 200,000 AWS customers find, buy and deploy solutions specific to their container environment,” said Garth Fort, director, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services Inc. “We are happy to see that Aporeto has extended its Zero Trust security solution to container products.”

Aporeto powered by AWS helps enterprises deploy, manage and secure applications at scale on various platforms including Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Mesos, among others. To fingerprint each workload, Aporeto is designed to combine metadata from the orchestration layer, the container, the operating system and the AWS instance identity document.

By combining these information sources, along with attributes such as image scanner inputs, Aporeto is designed to create a cryptographic identity for each workload to authenticate and authorize all network communications within a virtual private cloud (VPC), across VPCs independent of their region or availability zone and across cloud environments.

“As microservices, containers and cloud adoption continue to accelerate, we see more customers considering how they will port their legacy network security paradigm to the cloud,” said Jason Schmitt, CEO of Aporeto. “Our customers are attracted to AWS for its proven elasticity and scale and are looking for a new approach to securing applications that does not detract from the easy deployment and manageability that they demand in the cloud. Aporeto enables customers to migrate more aggressively to cloud, build cloud-native applications and improve application velocity, all without compromising security.”

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