CyberSaint Security enhances its CyberStrong Platform

CyberSaint Security released new product enhancements to the company’s CyberStrong integrated risk management software platform that allows CISOs and executive management to align on enterprise-wide cybersecurity objectives. The new capabilities include automated executive risk, compliance, and data privacy and protection reports that allow CISOs to enhance their communication and decision making at the Board and C-Suite level, and take zero manual effort to prepare.

According to Gartner, by 2020 all large enterprises will be asked to report to their Board of Directors on cybersecurity and technology risk at least annually — which is an increase from just 40 percent today.

CyberStrong’s new executive-level reports break down risk at both the technical and business impact level and are designed to communicate risk and compliance with credible metrics. They include the Executive Risk Report, which delivers an overview of the company’s overall risk, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Report, which ensures a review of GDPR activities and visibility into a company’s ongoing GDPR posture, and the Trend Report, which uses CyberSaint’s technology to deliver an enterprise-wide CyberStrong score over time based on a roll-up of all active risk assessments.

“As CISO of Bright Horizons, communication on the cybersecurity posture of the company to executive management and other stakeholders is a critical responsibility,” said Javed Ikbal, CISO of Bright Horizons Family Solutions. “CyberStrong provides me with a means to effectively measure and communicate our overall compliance posture, AI to model my security investments for the best ROI, and information on risk exposure using an industry standard model paired with innovative technology. Bright Horizons management can now evaluate gaps and work with my team to manage risk across the enterprise.”

CyberSaint believes that security initiatives must take into consideration the objectives of the business overall, especially through growth periods and digital transformation initiatives. Having reports that convey an organization’s cybersecurity risk and compliance posture with clear, credible metrics is key to a CISO’s success.

“We designed CyberStrong to communicate with all stakeholders in intuitive, innovative, and adaptive ways, so that risk is quantified, understood, and tracked over time,” said Padraic O’Reilly, Chief Product Officer, CyberSaint Security. “Visibility is key. We are very pleased to bring a new suite of reports to market, so that CISOs can more effectively and powerfully communicate IT security risks across their organizations.”

In addition to the new platform enhancements, CyberSaint released other new reports including an Assessment Summary Report, Assessment List Report, Standard Risk Report (a Risk Assessment Report is also available), and an Optimization Report. Any of these reports are exported out of the platform with a single click and are always up-to-date with the assessment and mitigation activities within a security program, as they are automated in real-time.

About the CyberStrong Platform

The CyberStrong Platform is a risk management solution powering cybersecurity compliance and risk management. Built on the foundation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CyberStrong’s capabilities streamline GRC activities and provide a single pane of glass through which CISOs and their security teams can measure, report, and mitigate risk. CyberStrong’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automation eliminate manual effort and help organizations make informed decisions that reduce risk while driving overall business value.

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