Rigado Gateway to use new AWS IoT Greengrass features enabling Bluetooth to cloud integration

Internet of Things (IoT) applications and solutions using Bluetooth sensors now have a path from device to the cloud with little to no coding required. Rigado’s Cascade IoT Gateway has integrated with the newly released Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Greengrass features to give teams a mechanism to get Bluetooth-based data to their cloud applications.

This new functionality combines the scalability of AWS IoT Greengrass edge computing with the flexibility of Bluetooth connectivity, and is provided as part of Rigado’s “edge-as-a-service” Cascade IoT Gateway. The direct connection from the Bluetooth sensor to the cloud is made possible through the integration of AWS IoT Greengrass and Rigado’s Edge Connect on the Cascade gateway.

It provides the ability to interact with Bluetooth devices using Rigado REST APIs via AWS Lambda. AWS IoT Greengrass Connectors, a new feature of AWS IoT Greengrass, allows applications to connect to AWS services including Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), and Amazon CloudWatch. This allows for a full data chain with little to no coding required.

“For those working in Commercial IoT development using AWS, this is the very first time a full IoT recipe kit using Bluetooth has been made easily accessible,” said Ben Corrado, CEO at Rigado. “This brings customers the ability to run AWS IoT Greengrass at the edge with commercial-grade orchestration tools for large-scale, production IoT solutions. This is critical for Commercial IoT as the development in that space requires a unique mix of edge connectivity and computing at scale. Bringing AWS IoT Greengrass and Bluetooth 5 easily together gives developers the tools needed to make that happen.”

With Bluetooth Low Energy — especially Bluetooth 5 with its longer-range capability — gaining popularity in Commercial IoT devices used for sensing, monitoring and asset tracking, this new combined solution comes at a critical time. IoT teams building applications with thousands — or even millions — of Bluetooth devices can now leverage the power and scalability of AWS IoT Greengrass to process data and trigger actions from those endpoints.

Critical to this solution are the capabilities Rigado gets from running Canonical’s Ubuntu Core operating system based on snaps. AWS IoT Greengrass can be run and distributed as a snap, providing developers an easy way to keep AWS IoT Greengrass up-to-date. The use of snaps for applications also results in secure IoT gateways due to the application isolation that snaps bring. The AWS IoT Greengrass snap is available today in Rigado’s branded snap store. The snap will also soon be available on the global snap store.

“When you look at what is required to introduce Commercial IoT solutions at scale, you see a clear need for direct and secure connections from the device to the cloud,” said Tom Canning, VP, Global Sales, IoT & Devices at Canonical. “Bringing edge security and scalability to the elastic computing power of AWS IoT Greengrass is both exciting and crucial as it helps achieve that needed functionality.”

The Rigado Cascade Gateway provides application upgrades, security patches, and a subscription model that means you only pay for the exact size of your deployment and benefit from a continued partnership as you develop your solutions. It is designed for Commercial IoT applications such as Asset Tracking, Smart Workplaces, and Connected Retail. Cascade helps companies save six months of time – or more – in bringing their solutions to market, while removing the need for upfront hardware investments.

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