Vereign offers the blockchain-powered solution for email security

Vereign is launching its beta. Vereign’s browser plugin enables a security overlay in email clients, office programs, chat apps, and more, that brings confidentiality and authenticity to online communication without interrupting workflows.

With 3.8 billion users worldwide, email is the most important means of communication today. It’s influential – and vulnerable to abuse. Malware and scams have caused billions of dollars in damage, and over 90% of these scams initially travelled through email.

Vereign meets these challenges, transforming email authentication and identity management with a range of features:

  • Suspicious sender alerts: Vereign knows a user’s actual bank from an imposter.
  • Identity management: Users can store their digital identity data using cryptographic signatures, transmitting only the information they choose, following Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines at Swiss banking standards.
  • Single sign-on and usability: No usernames, no passwords, no key management.
  • Digital “passports”: Users define profiles with different levels of information to share with different strata of contacts.
  • Authenticated emails that beat the spam blocker: Emails sent through Vereign are digitally signed and get through spam filters at a much higher rate, useful for a range of business and sales applications.
  • Digital signatures: Users can legally, digitally sign and send authenticated, verified documents.
  • Verified transaction history: Users can see an eternal log of messages, recipient identities, and delivery receipts without risk of information tampering.

“I strongly believe in the viral power of Vereign,” says Georg Greve, Co-Founder and Chairman of Vereign. “Email is one of the most powerful tools given to us by the age of technology, and our mission is to greatly enhance it with the advanced solutions available today.”

The Vereign beta is available on Gmail, and soon on Roundcube and LibreOffice.

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