New Relic introduces Kubernetes cluster explorer

New Relic introduced the Kubernetes cluster explorer, a new way for DevOps teams to understand the health and performance of their Kubernetes environments.

Kubernetes cluster explorer allows teams to drill down into application and infrastructure metrics side-by-side in a UI that simplifies complex environments. As a result, teams can understand dependencies across their entire environment, make better-informed decisions, and resolve errors.

The Kubernetes cluster explorer extends New Relic’s existing Kubernetes monitoring capabilities by offering a new way for customers to engage with their performance data. New Relic’s Kubernetes cluster explorer provides both a bird’s-eye view of a customer’s entire Kubernetes environment as well as the ability to dive deep into the performance of individual pods and nodes. Now customers can see not only how their Kubernetes entities are performing, but also how they are impacting their entire environment.

Key features of New Relic’s Kubernetes cluster explorer

New Relic’s Kubernetes cluster explorer is designed to give software teams a way to manage the performance of modern environments.

  • Multidimensional views into Kubernetes clusters – New Relic’s Kubernetes cluster explorer provides a view into infrastructure, applications, and services across Kubernetes clusters, so customers can inspect a single container, or scale up to explore a deployment of the whole cluster.
  • Advanced filtering to find root cause – DevOps teams can drill down to the objects they care about – containers, pods, nodes, deployments, namespaces, and labels – and access their application- and infrastructure-metrics to connect the dots between their distributed systems.
  • Delivers immediate value – New Relic’s SaaS platform delivers value as soon as the Kubernetes agent is deployed. There is no infrastructure to provision, secure, or run, so DevOps teams can focus on delivering software for their customers, not instrumenting and building their monitoring solution.
  • Easy to get started on any cloud or on-prem – New Relic Kubernetes monitoring is compatible with all major cloud platforms as well as on-premise environments so teams can observe their Kubernetes workloads, regardless of where their containers are deployed.

“Today, modern software teams need to detect and resolve problems as quickly as possible. During critical service interruptions, every second counts. New Relic has a long history of instrumenting and visualizing our customers’ business-critical software in new ways so they can take action quickly and reduce their mean-time-to-detect and mean-time-to-resolution. Our new Kubernetes cluster explorer is designed to help our customers connect the dots between their complex, distributed systems faster than previously possible,” said Aaron Johnson, SVP, product management, New Relic.

“I am really excited about New Relic’s new Kubernetes cluster explorer because it will allow our teams to easily manage the performance of our entire Kubernetes cluster in production. Not only that, it will provide us the ability to quickly drill down and see inside containers to get a code-centric view of our applications, so we can quickly discover issues inside of our clusters,” said Adam Bovill, director of engineering, Turo.

New Relic’s Kubernetes cluster explorer will be available in early 2019 for all New Relic customers who have enabled the Kubernetes on-host integration.

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