DFLabs Community Edition enables organizations to test drive SOAR platform

DFLabs released IncMan SOAR Community Edition (IncMan CE), a free version of its SOAR platform that allows organizations to test and experience the benefits of automated incident response in pre-production environments.

IncMan CE is a full featured version that provides integration with third-party security tools and access to DFLabs patent-pending R3 Rapid Response Runbooks for automation of security alert processing and assessment tasks.

“The Marriott data breach is the latest example of the direct correlation between the dwell time of an attack and severity of an information leak. The amount of personal information that was taken is astonishing,” said Michele Zambelli, CTO of DFLabs.

“IncMan CE makes it possible for any organization to incorporate our SOAR platform with their existing security technologies to experience how they can reduce dwell time, correlate malicious activities and prioritize incident response actions using orchestration and automation.”

IncMan CE is now available to verified users through the new DFLabs Community Portal, including educational institutions, research groups and businesses interested in evaluating IncMan SOAR for purchase. IncMan CE provides the following features and capabilities:

  • Support for five user accounts,
  • Support for five incidents per day,
  • A maximum of five integrations,
  • Single tenant,
  • 12-month license, subject to renewal each year,
  • Support provided via the Community Portal Forums.

Triage and Correlation modules are not included in IncMan CE.

In addition to making SOAR technology freely accessible, DFLabs is encouraging IncMan SOAR and IncMan CE users, vendors and others to contribute new use cases, Playbooks, Runbooks and integrations to the DFLabs community via its new Community Portal.

About DFLabs IncMan SOAR

DFLabs is the open SOAR solution, which provides a framework for customizing and adding new automated integrations between security tools and IncMan SOAR, without the need for complex coding. With its capability of security incident lifecycle automation, DFLabs patent pending R3 Rapid Response Runbooks use hundreds of automated actions to provide workflows and execute a variety of data enrichment, notification, containment and custom actions based on decision making. This accelerates the ability of responders to assess, investigate and hunt for threats. Runbooks also collect and facilitate knowledge transfer between incident response (IR) and SOC teams.

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