Shape Security partners with Okta to help prevent cyberattacks

Shape Security revealed a partnership with Okta. Through this integration, joint customers can leverage Shape’s technology to offer an additional layer of preventative security to their Okta identity platform to help thwart account takeovers. Shape’s technology will work with Okta’s platform to help determine whether a login attempt is legitimate or an attack.

One of the most common and costly types of cyberattacks is credential stuffing, the process by which criminals use automated processes to test hacked or breached account credentials on other websites or applications.

Depending on the industry, credential stuffing can account for up to 99 percent of a website’s login traffic. Shape Enterprise Defense detects and blocks automated attacks like credential stuffing on websites, mobile applications and APIs. The new integration helps defeat such attacks and provides an additional layer of security.

“Security should never compromise convenience, which is why Shape and Okta are creating products that provide invisible layers of protection without interfering with the user experience. This partnership is the epitome of that shared vision,” said Sumit Agarwal, co-founder and chief operating officer, Shape Security.

“Not only will this integration provide our joint customers with an extra layer of security before the login process, but it will also provide a highly secure, flexible and easy-to-manage sign-in infrastructure.”

Shape has created a collective customer defense, meaning that as soon as a new attack technique is identified, every organization within Shape’s network is protected from it. Today, Shape protected 100 million logins for the world’s largest companies, including:

  • Three of the Top 5 US banks,
  • Five of the Top 10 global airlines,
  • Two of the Top 5 global hotels,
  • Two of the Top 5 US government agencies.

Shape Enterprise Defense is a service that operates in parallel with the Okta Identity Cloud so that detected attacks can be stopped with no effort from enterprises. The integration reduces fraud by helping eliminate credential stuffing attacks.

“In today’s threat environment, all organizations need to make sure that only the right people have the right access to the right resources, a goal that Okta and Shape Security can help bring to fruition,” said Chuck Fontana, vice president of integrations and strategic partnerships, Okta.

“By leveraging Okta’s strength in securely connecting an organization’s customers to data and applications, combined with Shape’s ability to effectively detect and prevent account takeovers or fake registrations, customers can add an additional line of defense while still ensuring a frictionless user experience.”

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