Nuspire launches MDR solution with three detection and response services

Nuspire launched its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service solution, which provides customers with the technology, expertise and service to detect and protect against malicious threats. Nuspire CEO Saylor Frase made the announcement.

Nuspire’s MDR service solution includes three detection and response services, including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Device Threat Detection and Response (XDR).

Each of which capture data from endpoints, network sensors, and company-owned equipment directly from network devices to provide analytics, alerting and investigation to security analysts at one of Nuspire’s Security Operations Centers (SOC)s. This data is then investigated to identify incidents of compromise on a network.

“Our MDR service provides companies with advanced technology and expertise to detect and respond to advanced threats that bypass traditional security technologies,” said Frase. “This service focuses on network, endpoint, and customer owned technologies, which allows companies to customize and scale their capabilities based on the maturity, budget, or specific needs of their organization.”

Through Nuspire’s MDR service, customers receive service level agreements for threat identification and response, which provides customers with actionable outcomes for immediate threat investigation and remediation. Solution components include managed advanced security technologies, unlimited access to Nuspire’s SOC and security analysts, log management, and a customer portal for visibility, dashboards, and reporting that demonstrates compliance with industry and regulatory mandates and best practices.

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