Polyverse announces technology partnership with Red Hat

Polyverse unveiled that Red Hat has certified Polyverse’s polymorphic version of Linux on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Polyverse’s Polymorphic Linux has been tested by Red Hat and certified for use on the platform, ensuring performance and compatibility for enterprise customers, who can now secure their sensitive data with the only moving target defense solution proven by the U.S. Department of Defense to stop 100 percent of zero-day memory exploits.

“Our polymorphic Linux technology is resonating with clients who care about cybersecurity, not just compliance,” said Polyverse Founder and CEO Alex Gounares. “By harnessing powerful Moving Target Defense technology, polymorphic Linux is able to thwart devastating cyber-attacks that were previously considered unstoppable. Governments and enterprises around the world have entrusted Polyverse to secure their data and systems, and we are pleased to bring this same level of security and protection to enterprise clients on the Red Hat platform.”

How Polyverse’s MTD technology works

  • provides randomized, semantically equivalent software with identical performance.
  • scrambles location instructions, which randomizes and hardens open source Linux distributions and creates a changing attack surface difficult to penetrate.
  • randomizes the memory layout of the entire software stack in Linux, making memory attacks and exploits time-consuming and expensive for hackers.
  • installs in minutes, protects the full Linux stack and works with other systems.
  • seamlessly integrates into existing operational processes without changes–a true “fire and forget” solution.
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