Check Point and Ericom Software join forces to tackle browser-based attacks

Ericom Software unveiled the integration of Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) solution with Check Point Software Technologies Advanced Network Threat Prevention. Combining Ericom Shield remote browsing technology with Check Point threat intelligence and edge security protection generates a defense that enables organizations to stay ahead of attackers, while maintaining user access to browser-based services and assets.

As a defense against threats, Check Point leverages HTTPS inspection, sandboxing, threat extraction, application control, URL filtering and content awareness to secure the organizational edge. By isolating the browser in a secure remote disposable container that is separated from the end-user device, Ericom Shield adds a layer of protection from the vast amount of unknown malware that penetrates organizations via the internet through human error, malicious links and harmful downloads.

“Web browsing is an indispensable business practice in virtually all organizations today. Despite great success in identifying and protecting against threats in real-time, malware continues to penetrate organizations via browsers and wreak havoc,” said Snir Hassidim, Business and Corporate Development Manager at Check Point Software Technologies.

“By integrating the clientless Ericom Shield solution with Check Point’s product line, we enable customers to block malicious content before it approaches internal networks, while preserving a transparent and natural browsing experience. The joint solution can provide effective secure web browsing protection against the advanced 5th generation of cyber-attacks.”

The integrated secure web browsing solution offers:

  • The ability to halt malicious attacks before infection reaches the endpoint,
  • Zero installation on user endpoints for organizational deployment,
  • Support for all browsers, devices and operating systems,
  • Disposal of active web content when session ends to prevent malware from persisting.

Said Daniel Miller, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Ericom Software, “The joint Check Point-Ericom solution offers a unique level of protection. By layering Check Point SandBlast and Ericom Shield, organizations can confidently provide essential access to the web resources users need on a dynamic basis, without additional alerts, or complex configurations.”

Added Miller, “Remote browser isolation technology (RBI) is increasingly recognized as a highly reliable and secure layer of defense for organizations that must protect critical infrastructure while empowering increasingly web-dependent knowledge workers, as recently stated by Gartner. By integrating with Ericom Shield, Check Point, as a pioneering leader in the security field, is enabling organizations to safeguard organizational endpoints and systems while empowering users to make full, unimpeded, and secure use of the Internet resources they need.”

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