Remote wipe SAN and EFI computers with BCWipe Total WipeOut by Jetico

Jetico, leading developer of approved DoD wipe software, announced the release of version 4 of BCWipe Total WipeOut to erase hard drive data. Enterprise users gain more advantages to remotely wipe SAN devices and EFI computers, now including enhanced reporting and an improved interface.

Storage Area Networks (SANs) are nowadays more common in corporate environments for expanding data storage capacity. BCWipe Total WipeOut helps to securely manage this growing digital footprint.

Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman explains, “Remotely wiping SAN storage arrays without the need to physically access or disassemble them first will add valuable convenience and efficiency for wiping multiple devices simultaneously.”

EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) booting is a de-facto standard for most computers manufactured in the past 5 years. Some modern hardware vendors have decided not to include any older legacy support in their products. Previous compatibility with EFI now advances further with EFI PXE boot, enabling the capability to wipe EFI computers remotely.

Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for sanitization of magnetic, SSD and hybrid storage devices, BCWipe Total WipeOut achieves security compliance with enhanced reporting. Admins can view, filter and export wiping history to keep track of every operation performed on any device. In version 4, hard drive wiping reports are now customizable for documenting only the most important information. Users can create, save and print wiping reports in one of 5 popular formats as certificate of proof for auditing.

Jetico’s hard drive wiping software UI has been redesigned to make the process even simpler and faster, featuring pre-set recommended settings to securely erase SSD, USB and HDD devices. The Enterprise Edition also empowers users to remotely take control of every aspect of the data erasure process for more demanding whole disk wiping projects.

The new version of BCWipe Total WipeOut actively improves support for hardware from NVMe SSD wiping in modern laptops to large-capacity HDD wiping in server systems including support for Sparc and Itanium architecture.

”New standards, protocols and technologies are emerging every month,” tells Mr. Waksman. ”Jetico is constantly updating our technology for compatibility with recent innovations, ensuring reliable hard drive erasure for all our customers.”


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