Masergy launches Secure Wi-Fi and extends protection into the customer LAN

Masergy, a leading provider of secure hybrid networking, cloud communications and managed security solutions, has launched Masergy Secure Wi-Fi as the latest feature in the ongoing evolution of the company’s Secure Hybrid Networking offering. The new capability delivers swift and secure enterprise-grade wireless network access to both high- and low-density areas including retail and corporate environments.

“Our customers wanted us to extend our network management down to the LAN. With this new offering we empower employees to work seamlessly for enhanced productivity and collaboration without compromising security,” said Terry Traina, Senior VP of Engineering, Masergy. “Masergy’s Secure Wi-Fi makes it easy for enterprises to manage security across SD-WAN and wireless networks.”

“The launch of Masergy Secure Wi-Fi brings enterprises the ability to segment their Internet of Things traffic from their business-critical traffic,” noted Ray Watson, Masergy’s Vice President of Innovation. “We can now deliver a fully software-defined ‘office in a box’ solution.”

Masergy Secure Wi-Fi is a key component to digital transformation in the enterprise: enabling centralized policy management that extends from deep within the WAN, out to the network edge, and even into the customer LAN. Enterprise customers get reliable wireless managed 24/7 by experts in Masergy’s three Network Operations Centers around the globe.


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