Webinar: Defending account takeovers at Remitly

Account Takeover attacks don’t follow conventional attack patterns – they look, act, and feel like legitimate users.

Defending account takeovers at Remitly

Without the right tooling, visibility into your environment, and intimate understanding of your users, defending against Account Takeover attacks (ATOs) can be extremely difficult. Worse yet, if done incorrectly, defending against ATOs can end up impacting legitimate users and traffic.

There are ways to make defending these attacks much easier.

This webinar with guest Kevin Hanaford, Head of Information Security at Remitly, will discuss:

  • How account takeover attacks became the problem they are today
  • How Remitly defends against these attacks without impacting legitimate traffic
  • Steps you can take today to secure your applications from ATO attacks.

This webinar is no longer available.

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Webinar: Defending account takeovers at Remitly