Baffle releases a data protection solution for serverless cloud workloads

Baffle, an advanced data protection company, announced it has released the first-to-market solution for data-centric protection of Amazon’s AWS Lambda, a pioneering serverless compute service. On the heels of its breakthrough for data-centric encryption, Baffle Advanced Data Protection Service gives enterprises the ability to provide a common data security model for existing infrastructure while also accelerating the “lift and shift” to serverless computing services such as AWS Lambda.

Baffle’s award-winning and patented platform now provides data protection to the newest cloud native architectures – including serverless – which are the future of computing. Enterprises in highly-regulated industries are increasingly running automated mission-critical and time-sensitive operations through AWS Lambda, such as hedge funds monitoring stock market fluctuations or businesses spinning up resources after a natural disaster. With Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection Service, enterprises can easily migrate to cloud native technologies to grow their businesses, without worrying about the underlying security of their data.

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-based compute service that automatically manages underlying compute resources, without the need for provisioning hardware or learning a new computing language. AWS Lambda runs code on high-availability compute infrastructure and performs all the administration of the compute resources, including server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and automatic scaling, code and security patch deployment, and code monitoring and logging.

“Serverless and ephemeral computing is taking the enterprise by storm,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO and co-founder, Baffle. “Developers simply want to write code and not have to worry about back-end server provisioning and security requirements. Baffle’s data-centric security gives customers the confidence to run code anywhere without dedicated hardware and utilize the latest Amazon AWS innovations to scale their businesses. Legacy encryption and hardware-based approaches cannot provide this peace of mind to enterprises, and today’s announcement is Baffle’s latest milestone in advancing the security of this new infrastructure.”

“Baffle’s technology provides a common data protection platform that we can leverage with our current application infrastructure and our migration to AWS Serverless Computing,” said James Rutt, chief information officer, Dana Foundation. “The architectural flexibility in the solution helps enable our lift and shift to cloud while simultaneously enabling data-centric protection of sensitive information.”

“Securing serverless will force information security and risk professionals to focus on the areas we retain control over,” wrote Neil MacDonald at Gartner in Security Considerations and Best Practices for Securing Serverless PaaS (4 September 2018). “Specifically, the integrity and assurance of the code, identities of the code and developers, permissioning, and serverless configuration, including network connectivity. New approaches and techniques for securing serverless will be required and should be designed using a life cycle approach, starting in development and carrying through into operations. To illustrate this, we will build on secure DevOps (DevSecOps) research best practices established in “10 Things to Get Right for Successful DevSecOps.”

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