ObserveIT launches ObserveIT 7.7, increasing data exfiltration prevention capabilities

ObserveIT, the leading insider threat management platform with more than 1,900 customers around the world, announced the launch of its newest solution, ObserveIT 7.7.

The latest release enhances ObserveIT’s insider threat management capabilities to provide a modern approach to data loss prevention (DLP). It provides increased data exfiltration prevention capabilities and further protects against insider threats, specifically reducing the risk of data loss while enabling streamlined investigations.

Data breaches are on the rise globally and they’re costing organizations more than $8 million in financial and reputational damage, on average (Ponemon Institute). Further, according to a recent McKinsey study, 50 percent of data breaches have an insider threat component. With employees increasingly working remotely from laptops and the use of 3rd party contractors growing, these risks are increasing as the “workplace” now stretches far beyond an organization’s four walls.

ObserveIT 7.7 allows organizations to detect data exfiltration attempts through removable media devices – such as flash drives, external hard drives, mobile devices and SD cards – and detects the usage of common keyboard shortcuts, such as cut, copy, paste and print screen. This level of visibility in an easy-to-understand and -search timeline allows teams across the business – from human resources to legal – to have the necessary context on user actions and more effectively collaborate in the detection, investigation and prevention of data exfiltration.

“We know insider-threat-lead breaches are on the rise and have thus dedicated significant efforts to preventing these costly incidents,” said Haseeb Mohammed, Assistant Vice President of InfoSec, from Genpact. “ObserveIT’s agile product, superior support and continued innovation makes them the clear choice for providing our security team with real-time visibility to protect our most critical data.”

“While removable devices are valuable for legitimate business purposes, they’re also a very popular channel for illegitimate exfiltration. Recent security events and discussions with customers have spotlighted an urgent need to take a modern approach to insider threat management in a post-DLP world, by addressing gaps in visibility and context surrounding users moving data through keyboard shortcuts and via removable media,” said ObserveIT CEO Mike McKee. “We created ObserveIT 7.7 to address this industry need, providing organizations with a simple, privacy-centric approach to detect risky user actions.”

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