ISARA updates tools to protect sensitive data and systems from the quantum threat

ISARA, the leading provider of agile quantum-safe security solutions, announced new and updated tools that make it easy to test and implement crypto-agility and quantum-safe cryptography directly into existing systems and begin protecting IT infrastructure from emerging threats.

The advent of quantum computing poses an existential threat to the classical encryption that safeguards everything from personal data to critical infrastructure. ISARA’s technology enables migration to quantum-safe cryptography that’s seamless and cost-effective with a standards-based approach incorporating the cryptographic agility recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

As part of the standards-based approach for interoperability and longevity, the ISARA Radiate; Quantum-safe Toolkit, for example, has been updated to include a “smart cipher list” consisting of the most promising algorithms from Round 2 of NIST’s ongoing Post-Quantum Standardization process. Built for developers, Radiate also includes tools to simplify integration of quantum-safe cryptography into products.

When used in conjunction with ISARA Catalyst; Agile Technologies, Radiate allows OEMs to test and develop solutions that maintain current security measures, while adding post-quantum algorithms that are backward compatible and give organizations the agility they need to adapt as new threats emerge. With both nation-states and private entities in a race to develop viable quantum computers, large enterprises must begin readying their security systems.

“Smart organizations already know they need to prepare for the quantum threat, but they are awaiting the adoption of definitive standards before upgrading their systems,” said ISARA CEO and Co-founder Scott Totzke. “Unfortunately, that may put many behind the curve and leave them vulnerable. Together, Radiate and Catalyst solves for that by allowing OEMs to embed the most promising quantum-safe algorithms now while building in the flexibility to change them as standards develop, without risking certifications or investing in new infrastructure.”

This updated version of Radiate will be available to security solution providers and OEMs in April, but attendees at the RSA Conference in San Francisco between March 4 and 8 can see a hands-on demo at ISARA’s Booth #1953 in Moscone South Expo.

Radiate complements and supports additional ISARA tools – including the new ISARA Catalyst TLS Testbed, which allows organizations to confidently test hybrid-key establishment in their own systems without affecting product certifications or interoperability with legacy systems. Additionally, the ISARA Catalyst OpenSSL Connector (available April 2019) allows OEMs to integrate Radiate and Catalyst Agile Digital Certificate Technology using their existing OpenSSL implementation.

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