ZeroFOX releases new AI and computer vision tools enhancing risk detection

ZeroFOX, the social media and digital security category leader, announced the release of new artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision capabilities, including optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and financial fraud detection.

As security teams look to automate and streamline risk detection associated with digital engagement platforms, these new features eliminate the manual, time-intensive process of analyzing millions of images that pose possible threats to brands and businesses.

“Enterprises are overwhelmed by rich media-based threats to their brand and business, and they are relying too heavily on manual human analysis and SOC teams,” said James C. Foster, CEO of ZeroFOX. “ZeroFOX dramatically reduces the burden on organizations by offering expert human analysis through the ZeroFOX Alpha Team coupled with powerful AI and computer vision capabilities. For our customers, this means they now have the ability to more efficiently and accurately identify and remediate critical risks based on varying use cases that many organizations face today across social media, surface, mobile, deep and dark web.”

Digital marketing relies heavily on image and video platforms to drive leads and generate clicks. While these platforms help organizations grow their business and attract new customers, in recent years attackers have been targeting these platforms as avenues to carry out attacks.

As a result, teams are faced with new challenges including phishing, information leakage, customer scams, financial fraud and more. With the introduction of these new AI and computer vision capabilities, ZeroFOX is equipping teams with the ability to quickly detect threats in images, saving teams time and resources spent analyzing images and posts manually.

“As organizations increase their use of digital marketing techniques, the number of posts, images, videos and sites security teams need to analyze is growing exponentially. It’s nearly impossible for them to get through everything, let alone spot a potential threat,” said Mike Price, CTO of ZeroFOX. “Leveraging tools that are powered by AI, which have the ability to sort through and analyze millions of data points in a matter of seconds, enables security teams to search, identify, and prioritize the greatest threats to their organization.”

ZeroFOX’s new features provide comprehensive AI capabilities for efficient and effective risk identification via a combination of computer vision and NLP tools. These new capabilities allow organizations to take advantage of the opportunities digital engagement offers, particularly in image and video marketing, while mitigating the risk that different digital platforms introduce. Benefits offered by the new capabilities include:

  • Extracting meaning from visual mediums – With computer vision tools, security teams get clearer indications of threats. Often an image itself is the only sign of a threat or issue within a post, either in the case of the text within that image or the suspicious use of an image altogether. To address these challenges, ZeroFOX now offers OCR, face and logo detection as well as comparison technologies. OCR extracts text from images while image comparison detects the similarities between images even if they are modified from their originals, ensuring security teams don’t miss these hidden risks.
  • Understanding and interpreting human language – NLP tools save security teams time and help eliminate false positives and provide deeper analysis than word matching alone. Key NLP capabilities now offered by ZeroFOX include sentiment analysis, which can detect the types and amount of negative sentiment present in text. NLP also enables scam and fraud detection which assesses the presence of a digital fraud and malicious web links.
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