SecBI launches new solution to help MSSPs maximize their productivity and scalability

SecBI, a disruptive player in automated cyber threat detection and response, announced an automated threat detection and response solution designed to help managed security service providers (MSSPs) maximize their productivity and scalability.

“With cyberattacks becoming commonplace for every business size, the MSSP market is set to take off,” said Gilad Peleg, CEO of SecBI. “However, the most successful MSSPs will be those that possess advanced breach detection and remediation expertise, as well as the tools to scale and increase resource productivity. Providers will benefit greatly from the ability to automate threat detection and response tasks.”

The SecBI MSSP offering automates both threat hunting, based on comprehensive network traffic analysis, and breach response. SecBI provides full scope detection, creating a comprehensive view of each cyber incident by combining disparate alerts, events, and logs into a single narrative that shows all the affected entities and kill chain. Finally, the solution delivers gap analysis that identifies network security blind spots and implements fixes.

MSSPs using the SecBI solution will benefit from:

  • Improved analyst productivity
  • Automated and improved detection and remediation
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Ease of scalability, with cloud-based, multi-tenant deployment
  • Fast and simple deployment with minimal ramp-up time

“Traditional security services are no longer capable of uncovering malicious communications within minutes,” added Peleg. “Having a team of analysts manually review logs from a SIEM is simply no defense against the types of sophisticated, stealthy and unknown threats we are now seeing.”

“Orange Polska is looking to lead the Polish market in cyber security,” said Donegan. “I know from speaking with the company directly that the SecBI solution has proven effective at identifying threats that other security controls couldn’t spot. Orange Polska has also received a lot of value from partnering with SecBI in terms of going up the curve on deploying machine learning/AI in its cyber security infrastructure.”

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