Axonius named most innovative startup at RSA Conference 2019

RSA Conference announced that Axonius was selected winner of the fourteenth-annual RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest.

Duality Technologies was recognized as well by the judges for building SecurePlus platform for secure collaboration on sensitive data.

About the contest

In its fourteenth year, the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest is a leading platform for startups to showcase their groundbreaking technologies that have the potential to transform the cybersecurity industry. In the past five years alone, the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest’s top 10 finalists have collectively seen 14 acquisitions and have received over $2.2 billion in investments.

Past winners include companies such as Phantom, Invincea, UnifyID and, most recently, BigID.

Axonius is a cybersecurity asset management platform providing actionable visibility and policy enforcement for all assets and users.

“I am blown away that the judges recognized a problem as mundane as asset management to be the winner this year,” said Nathan Burke, chief marketing officer of Axonius. “It is amazing that a really big and nagging problem that hasn’t been solved yet is something that the judges decided is worthy of winning.”

“A key trend among this year’s RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest finalists was machine-based security and automation, which emphasizes just how critical it is to develop solutions that will increase response times to outpace modern cyber-crime,” said Linda Gray Martin, Director & Chief of Operations of RSA Conference.

“This is no easy feat, but one that will benefit from the collective brainpower of the entrepreneurs on stage today and the industry professionals in attendance. Axonius’ ability to demonstrate the current need for a solution to such a problem as asset management was truly impressive, and we look forward to witnessing the lasting impact Axonius will make on our industry.”

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