Armor Scientific makes authentication as easy as walking into a room

Armor Scientific, a cybersecurity company purpose built to manage the identity of everything, announced the company is emerging from stealth mode at the RSA Conference.

Simultaneously, the company released the Armor Platform, a converged hardware token and middleware suite aimed at law enforcement, first responders, government, military, finance, healthcare and transportation.

A combination of wearable GPS, biometric hardware, and patent-pending cryptographic and blockchain-enabled middleware, the Armor Platform removes the complexity around identity governance, making authentication as easy as walking into a room.

“The way we identify and authenticate in a digital and connected world will be very different in 10 years,” said Nick Buchanan, CTO of Armor Scientific. “By delivering a fundamentally different approach to adding known devices and people to a trusted network, the Armor Platform reinvents identity and security to be relevant to our modern, hyper-connected world.”

The Armor Platform has the following capabilities:

  • Authenticates and authorizes users without the need for a username, password or any other personal information
  • Enables every user and device to be added as a node to an assurance domain powered by cryptographic keys and a blockchain ledger
  • Protects access and only allows activity once the consensus of multiple other nodes have been reached
  • AI- and machine learning-powered risk awareness continuously learns how users work, ensuring geospatial, behavioral and digital interactions are context-aware

Authentication for the identity of everything

Over 80 percent of hacking-related breaches leverage weak, default or stolen passwords according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report. Whether a first responder quickly accessing their mobile computing device, a bank verifying a large international wire transaction, or a military officer accessing a critical system, the most sensitive transactions are shackled to outdated and cumbersome authentication methods, including point solutions that don’t work together.

The Armor Platform unifies the entire identity governance lifecycle, removing the barriers (and complexities) between identity control, access control and governance administration. Anomalies are quickly detected, and continuously interrogated for automated authorization response.

Users can experience boundless use-case scenarios, including:

  • Automated login and proximity, location-aware multi-factor access to critical systems for enterprise and government entities
  • Location tracking for law enforcement and first responders
  • Protecting finance with the highest levels of protection for services such as wire transfer processing
  • Healthcare hands-free access to login restricted point of care systems based on proximity
  • Access secure applications, including regulatory applications
  • Geographically tie users to devices and provide identity assurance.

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