Anomali, Flashpoint, and Intel 471 join Verodin to launch Threat Actor Assurance Program

Verodin announced its new Threat Actor Assurance Program (TAAP), which will combine industry-leading threat intelligence from Anomali, Flashpoint, and Intel 471 with Verodin’s proven capability to validate cybersecurity effectiveness.

This powerful program will deliver actionable intelligence on how an organization’s defenses will perform against the threat actors specifically targeting them.

As part of the program, Verodin is introducing its Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM). With the release of TAAM, the company is providing customers with the ability to determine if threat actors could get through their defenses before the actual attack by making threat intelligence actionable. TAAM validates a customer’s defensive stack’s capabilities to prevent, detect, and alert on both indicators of compromise and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) – including the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

“This announcement represents the next evolution in controlling cyber risk. Organizations can now understand exactly which threat actor groups could compromise them and how their defenses will perform before the actual attack,” said Colby DeRodeff, Verodin Chief Technology Officer and Anomali Co-Founder. “Verodin’s new Threat Actor Assurance Module assures that our customers’ defensive stack will perform as expected.”

Organizations using Verodin TAAM will also be able to determine if they have gaps in control visibility or misconfigurations that could aid in a threat actor compromise. Once an organization has a baseline understanding of their coverage, they can tune and optimize their security stack to reach a higher level of assurance. This capability extends the functionality of Verodin’s MITRE ATT&CK module, which was launched in August 2018.

“Flashpoint and our unique data, in conjunction with Verodin, now can provide clients the ability to test the full spectrum of real-world attacks — externally and internally — for the first time,” said Josh Lefkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder, Flashpoint.

“The Threat Actor Assurance Program moves the security industry further ahead in helping organizations understand, anticipate, and prepare for imminent threats and risks before they are impacted.”

“Verodin’s Threat Actor Assurance Program offers the unique opportunity for organizations to test their defenses against the most up to date tactics, techniques and procedures used by cybercriminals,” said Intel 471 Chief Executive Officer Mark Arena. “By joining the program, we enable organizations to validate their controls against current and actual attacks by cybercriminals in a safe and ongoing way.”

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