Secureworks announces Orchestration and Automation solution

Secureworks, a leading global cybersecurity company, announced the launch of its Orchestration and Automation solution to help organizations reduce their cybersecurity operations workload and quickly take the right action to contain threats and eradicate them from their environment.

Secureworks’ Orchestration and Automation solution, unveiled at RSA Conference 2019, uses a combination of security operations expertise, security orchestration technology, managed services, and incident response experience to automate a series of client-specific workflows and contextualize incidents based on a unified view of the organization’s full environment.

Secureworks Orchestration and Automation solution allows customers to:

  • Automate best practice processes, both strengthening and accelerating security operations;
  • Spend less time deploying and configuring solutions with Secureworks “do-it-with-you” approach to orchestration;
  • Speed time to response by automating the right tasks to meet unique information security and incident response objectives;
  • Maximize existing technology investments with a broad array of technology connectors;
  • Simplify operations by consolidating data from both the business environment and security tools, as well as Secureworks and third-party intelligence sources;
  • Accelerate incident investigation and zero in on the incidents that matter by having the right data at the right times;
  • Get help with complex incidents by accessing incident response triage assistance;
  • Respond rapidly to common threat scenarios via push-button containment actions; and
  • Easily review security operations workflows to ensure a continued return on investment.

A broad set of integrations enables customers to get the most out of their existing security technology investments by adding better context to enrich incident data and automate response activities. Secureworks’ deep threat intelligence provides insight into the nature of an incident, making it easier for users to decide on a prudent course of action.

Unlike many off-the-shelf SOAR (security orchestration and automated response) products, Secureworks’ unique “do it with you” approach ensures that customer-specific playbooks and automated responses are aligned with the best practices gleaned from more than 1,000 incident response engagements each year.

Leveraging this expertise in an up-front consultation helps users overcome their fear of automating the wrong actions and ensures alignment with the customer’s goals from the start.

Users of Secureworks’ Orchestration and Automation solution can confidently accelerate their response to threats by taking automated response actions in their client portal or mobile interface, and for additional peace of mind they can escalate an incident to Secureworks’ industry-leading incident response team for further consultation.

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