Acuris Cybercheck enables businesses and individuals to monitor against compromised ID data

Acuris Risk Intelligence, a trusted and independent provider of data intelligence for anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and cyber security professionals, announces the launch of Acuris Cybercheck, a database that allows businesses and individuals to identify whether or not their information has been compromised by criminals.

Acuris Cybercheck provides the largest proprietary database of compromised personal ID data. Complied since 2008, the database includes information traded on criminal websites globally such as identity, personal and financial data. It also allows users to search via APIs against specific records or to continuously monitor data.

The database is a one-stop shop for monitoring compromised data, allowing users to, among other things, proactively monitor personal data and receive alerts, mitigate identified risks, improve GDPR compliance, provide evidence of potential data breach and assess data compromise in M&A and corporate transactions.

The system uses skilled human analysts to research and harvest data from over 1,000 criminal forums, websites and chatrooms. To avoid detection, these websites frequently close and move.

But our Cybercheck analysts are skilled in monitoring and identifying them and in avoiding the false data criminals use to mislead researchers. This expert approach gives Acuris Cybercheck a unique advantage over machine-driven search tools.

“We’re excited to be launching something so timely into the market. With more and more people sharing sensitive personal – typically financial – data with a vast array of online organisations, the need for cyber protection is crucial for peace of mind,” states Joel Lange, Managing Director, Acuris Risk Intelligence.

“With Acuris Cybercheck, businesses and individuals can search and monitor against compromised personal data harvested from secured, known criminals’ forums on unindexed websites globally.”

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