Aurigo releases new version of Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

Aurigo Software Technologies, developer of America’s leading capital program and project management software, announced a major new version of Aurigo Masterworks Cloud version to help infrastructure owners reimagine success for their capital projects. The SaaS product offering from Aurigo is delivered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud is a comprehensive, purpose-built SaaS product specifically designed for the complex needs of large-scale, public-facing capital projects.

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud will help cities, counties, states, agencies, and facility owners plan, build, and maintain capital assets, infrastructure, and facilities, without having to rely on a multitude of point solutions or system integrators to develop custom solutions.

The new capabilities introduced in this release, powering over 25,000 users across 40,000 capital projects in North America, are designed to enable public agencies, and infrastructure owners across North America operate more efficiently, increase transparency, reduce risks, and transform their communities and regions.

Aurigo offers a total of seventeen products in the Masterworks Cloud suite, and they can be purchased either stand-alone or bundled. Aurigo Masterworks cloud comprises four distinct product lines:

  • Capital projects portfolio management
  • Full lifecycle construction management
  • Safety, quality & maintenance; and
  • Business operations.

Each product line of Aurigo comprises a family of products to automate different aspects of the plan, build, maintain and operate phases of the infrastructure lifecycle.

All products are powered by the Aurigo Masterworks platform, which includes powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities, robust document management and collaboration tools, and a native mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Some of the new enhancements in version 11 include:

“Master contract” and “work urders”
As an extension of our best-in-class contract management product, Aurigo has now announced the new “master contract” feature that can be used to create contracts which can benefit multiple projects. With the master contract feature, contracts are established with a specific vendor for a pre-defined time. Ceiling costs and work orders are executed within the contract across various projects. Masterworks Cloud version 11 simplifies the tracking of all work done and every payment made in the contract.

Resource management
Capital projects are always resource-intensive. Effective resource management is a pivotal part of effective project management. Masterworks’ all-new Resource Management feature helps users manage and allocate the 3 M’s–Manpower, Machines, and Material–across and within individual projects. Masterworks provides over-utilization and under-utilization charts along with extensive resource reporting and dashboarding capabilities to give organizations full clarity into their resource planning.

Vendor management
The enhanced Vendor Management feature in version 11 enables capital project and infrastructure owners to oversee and analyze all the vendors, consultants, and suppliers they interact with during the capital project lifecycle. Vendor performance can be measured and ranked based on criteria you can define to meet your organization’s specific quality standards and needs.

Microsoft Outlook Plug-in
The plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is now a standard feature in Aurigo Masterworks Cloud version 11. Masterworks users can now upload emails and attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook without logging into Masterworks! The new Outlook Plug-In requires a one-time setup and configuration within MS Outlook. Once configured, users can seamlessly upload their emails and attachments to document management folders of a project or contract in Masterworks.

Microsoft Project integration
Microsoft Project is one of the most widely-used scheduling applications to maintain construction project plans across the world. Aurigo Masterworks’ new MS Project integration API in version 11 allows users to import, export, and run bi-directional updates of project plans either in MS Project or with Masterworks Schedule. This new functionality provides schedule or actuals data to be synced in both applications at all times–ensuring everyone gets the most current and accurate view of the information.

“Aurigo Masterworks Cloud version 11 has been tested for large scale deployment. I am excited to announce that our investment in designing high performance architecture has paid rich dividends, and our users will now experience a 3X faster response with the latest release of Masterworks,” said Kevin Koenig, Chief Technology Officer.

“Aurigo Masterworks Cloud version 11 is more secure and scalable. It uses microservices to support critical business functions and comes with pre-configured forms and workflows to reduce the implementation time. From an implementation perspective, the latest release of Masterworks Cloud can be deployed in 90 – 120 days for small to mid-size cities and counties,” said Ashish Agrawal, Vice President of Product & Platform.

“Aurigo Masterworks Cloud version 11 significantly extends the lead we have over our competition. It is a major release that we are very proud of, and we have done this by enhancing the full lifecycle construction management capability and adding newer products. Our customers will experience superior ease of use, rapid deployment capabilities and higher availability with our new release. Also, Masterworks 11 extends our breadth of capability into the full plan, build, maintain and operate lifecycle of capital projects,” said Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO, Aurigo Software.

Mr. Sreenivasan added “Infrastructure in America is crumbling, and a massive investment in this sector is a matter of when and not if. We see that transparent, performance-based monitoring and timely infrastructure delivery are the biggest goals facing transportation agencies across America today, as they prepare to consume and spend over a trillion dollars on infrastructure projects over the next decade. Agencies need the latest technology and tools that are catered toward transportation agencies to help them plan and deliver these projects on time and budget. With our latest release 11, Aurigo Masterworks has secured its position on the leader board as the best-in-class capital program and project portfolio management software in North America.”

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