SentinelOne and Automox deliver automated patching and autonomous endpoint protection

SentinelOne, the autonomous endpoint protection company, and Automox, a global provider of cloud-based automated patch management and configuration management solutions, announced a strategic partnership that allows SentinelOne customers to automate vulnerability patching across their enterprise environment.

Joint customers will be able to enforce and automate basic cyber hygiene by ensuring all vulnerable devices and applications are up to date and patched.

Automox and SentinelOne will be demonstrating this unique capability in a new webinar SentinelOne and Automox: Automating April’s Patch Tuesday on April 16th, 2019.

Unpatched and misconfigured systems represent a massive weak spot in enterprise security, representing 80 percent of the corporate attack surface1. Some of the world’s most devastating data breaches, including Equifax and SingHealth, were driven by the failure of the organizations to patch known vulnerabilities.

Through this partnership, SentinelOne and Automox are empowering customers to rapidly enforce proper cyber hygiene by automating the process of patching OS and Third Party software vulnerabilities through the SentinelOne endpoint protection platform.

“As we saw with the Equifax breach, failing to patch known vulnerabilities is a failure of corporate responsibility. The foundation of good cyber hygiene starts by ensuring all devices and applications are consistently patched and upgraded,” said Jay Prassl, Automox Founder and CEO.

“The SentinelOne endpoint protection platform gives customers unprecedented visibility into all unpatched devices and applications on a network – which Automox can automatically patch. This gives customers an additional layer of assurance that they’re proactively minimizing the vectors that attackers can exploit.”

Automox patch automation is layered on top of the autonomous endpoint protection delivered by the SentinelOne platform. SentinelOne provides customers with deep visibility of every device and application running both on-premise and in the cloud.

This information can be fed directly into the Automox SaaS console, which will automate the entire patching and endpoint configuration process. Together, the solutions eliminate a significant amount of intensive manual labor, while ensuring continuous security against the latest known vulnerabilities.

“Patching vulnerabilities is one of the most important aspects of good cyber hygiene – but identifying and prioritizing patches is a labor-intensive process that is too often avoided or put off, leaving corporations unnecessarily susceptible to cyber attacks,” said Daniel Bernard, CMO, SentinelOne.

“By combining the deep network visibility only SentinelOne provides with the automated patch management process of Automox, customers can now rapidly eliminate the vulnerabilities on their network and focus on higher level activities such as advanced threat hunting.”

“Automated patch management is fast becoming a core requirement of the corporate IT security stack. For companies outside of the Fortune 500, it is no longer tenable for SecOps and SysAdmins to consistently stay on top of patching across all operating systems and 3rd party software. And with the growing regulatory environment, such as PCI which requires companies to install critical patches within 30 days of their release per the PCI DSS 6.2, few companies are able to keep up. The fact is, a strong security posture should include endpoint protection as well as incorporate patch automation/orchestration tools and the idea of these two layers merging is to say the least, intriguing,” said Alissa Knight, Senior Analyst with Aite Group.

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